Our Process


Visit us at 2 Sappho Road, Warwick Farm or call us on 1300 446 637 with all the information on your site and land. Together we can view the site on our internet based mapping service and make a preliminary assessment on design and site suitability. We can also go through the design and documents, changes and variations that may be required to suit the site or variations you may require to suit your lifestyle. 


Now further discussions can take place when we visit your site at the appointed time suitable to you. We prefer the owner's presence so we can discuss all issues regarding the project including: 

  • Service connections points
  • Access requirements
  • Ground disturbances 
  • Storage areas to be utilised 
  • Occupational Health and Safety to maintain a safe work site within your backyard etc. 
  • Choice of approvals process for the best outcome 

After the site inspection has been completed, you will be presented with a formal Tender which includes all site costs, inclusions and upgrades requested. 

Week 3 - PLANS

Once the Tender has been accepted we can start our approval process including:

  • Drawing plans
  • Generating a BASIX Report 
  • Preparing application forms
  • Title checks

You will meet with your Administration Coordinator and we will present you with the colour schemes for your selection. 

Owner Requirements:

  • Project Financing to be organised
  • Owner to be advised to start clearing site of trees etc. 


We will present the plans to you when they are ready. Final changes can be made at this stage, colour selection scheme will also need to be made and all approval documents to be signed. 

Owners Requirements: 

  • Selection of colour schemes and signing of approval documents


After the plans are signed off, we will prepare and submit documents for approval.

Owners Requirements: 

  • Selection of colour schemes and signing of approval documents

Week 7-8 - CONTRACTS

Contracts will be drawn and ready to sign once we have received and reviewed the approvals. Approved construction plans will also need to be signed and all finance arrangements in place. 

Owners Requirements: 

  • Signing of construction plans
  • Finance documentation to be sent to Masterton Granny Flats

*Subject to Council approval.


Orders will commence for your new Masterton Granny Flat and will also have the relevant colour scheme selections incorporated (tiles, kitchens etc). These will take 10 working days to be completed.


Works will commence on site and construction will begin on your new Masterton Granny Flat.  

*Conditions: Times are based on CDC approval. DA and time frames may vary depending on your Council and site conditions.


Base price includes traditional facade. Alternative facade upgrades available. No applied finishes are included such as render, moroka, bag and paint, stack stone or tiles. These are optional upgrades. Images in this brochure may depict items not supplied by Masterton which include, but are not limited to, landscaping, pathways, driveways, decks, pergolas, fencing, letter boxes, pool, water features and BBQ. Images may depict upgraded items which include, but are not limited to, fireplaces, window furnishings, light fittings, floor coverings, alarm systems, air conditioning, doors and feature tiling. Masterton reserves the right to revise plans, specifications and pricing without notice. All plans and images are subject to copyright protection. Please contact a sales consultant for more information.

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