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A huge choice of bonus features and inclusions. Now on offer with your new Masterton Home.

Knock Down & Rebuild

Masterton Homes is the original KDR specialist and we have perfected the process over our years of experience.

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Are you thinking of knocking down your old home and replacing it with a new Masterton Home? Learn more about our free site inspection here!

Home Designs

Synergy Premier Twin (Option 1)
This popular two storey home can house an under-roof granny flat. With the option of separate entrances to both dwellings, the Synergy Premier Twin (Option 1) has all the privacy and home features anyone could ask for.
5 4 2
Sanctuary Elite
True to its name, this home will truly feel like a sanctuary which you may feel you never want to leave! The Sanctuary Elite comes fitted not just with five large bedrooms but with a large master bedroom...
5 3 2
Eclipse 4/3
Masterton’s newest double storey duplex certainly does eclipse all other designs on the market. Built to fit on regular sized blocks, the Eclipse’s creative use of space ensures airy yet intimate independent dwellings with free-flowing family areas at the heart of each.
4 3 1
Palladian allows for modern country style living at its finest. When you enter through the lobby you’re immediately drawn through to the heart of the home where you’ll find a light filled living and dining space with an elegant kitchen at its centre.
5 3 2
Concerto Elite
Vibrant and buoyant the Concerto Elite hosts an open plan design and enough space for all aspects of a busy life. The spacious living area centralised around the kitchen breaks off onto an alfresco space which is separated off from the houses bedrooms.
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It’s been 55 years since Masterton began revolutionising project home building and after all this time we’re still recognised as industry leaders. That’s because we’re always looking to the future, continuing to harness our knowledge and resources to take home building to the next level. We’re constantly investing in cutting edge building technologies and materials, while at the same time, reinvigorating the market with innovative home design.


Jim Masterton, the company’s founder, is a true Australian innovator. He transformed the home building market with the introduction of pre-assembled trusses and frames, pioneered the use of concrete slabs and conceived the concept of Knock Down Rebuild (KDR). All these innovations are now standard in the housing industry.

‘When I started out I just wanted to make it possible for ordinary people to build their own home and so we had to invent ways to make it affordable and easy,’ Jim said. ‘We succeeded in our goals and are still here because we continue to deliver on this promise, guaranteeing quality and innovation with it. I’m a builder first and foremost and I love the challenges of making Masterton’s homes better and smarter all the time.’

‘I’m a family man and have a firm understanding of how important the dream of owning your home can be,’ said Jim. ‘I’m really proud of the way Masterton has weathered the highs and lows over the past 55 years and the fact it’s still a solid, family owned and run Australian business.’


Even after 55 years, Masterton is still one of NSW’s most awarded builders. This is because at our heart, we’ve always been committed to delivering homes which are beautiful as well as functional and affordable. Masterton is proud to help Australians achieve their dream of owning their own home.

Masterton is still wholly Australian owned and made. It’s one of the many things that sets us apart.
Founded 1962, Masterton is one of the largest and most respected builders in Australia. There aren’t too many people in NSW that haven’t heard of Jim Masterton.
With more than 55,000 homes built in NSW, we’re still committed to delivering home designs you want, ones that are beautiful, functional, accessible and withstand the test of time.

Building Happy Homes

"Being our first time building we were feeling so overwhelmed by the whole process. We received amazing service from the start to the end. Our project manager Brock always kept us informed with all that was happening and always took my call with any concerns I had."

Perfect Dream Home

"I have built two houses with Masterton Homes before and currently building a third house with them. I have built 6 houses and used other builders but Masterton Homes are the best builder I have used so far. All staff are excellent with a willingness to help and profound knowledge."

Best builder I know and you won’t find a better one

"The end result was by far more than what we expected. Our site supervisor was so amazing. He listened to the issues we raised and reassured us that he would fix everything for us and he certainly delivered."

Excellent Home!