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10 game changing furnishings that will make your entryway unforgettable

As the saying goes, first impressions last and with these 10 game changing furnishings you can make sure that your entryway is unforgettable.

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#1 A console

A console table is an obvious choice of furnishing for an entryway. It’s functional, doesn’t take up too much precious space and could possibly be used for storage if it’s got drawers, or space underneath to store shoes, storage baskets or stowaway shoes. Decorate the surface with a vase of fresh flowers, a vignette and a candle for a homey feel.

#2 A table and chair

A table and chair are a good option for an entry way. You can put items, like a handbag on the table at the end of the day or sit on the chair while putting your shoes on in the morning. If your entryway is large enough you could use the table and chair as part of a home office set up.

#3 A bench

A low bench is a clever and space saving addition that can be used as a seat to take shoes on and off or to place your handbag and anything else you’re carrying (think heavy grocery bags or sporting equipment) when you walk through the door before you have a chance to put them away. You can also get benches with a shoe rack underneath which can help as motivation if you want people to remove their shoes before they come inside.

#4 A plant

A lush bit of greenery in the entryway can add freshness and colour to a space. With so many gorgeous indoor plant varieties available, as well as a huge range of pots, you’re sure to find something that suits your space, style and that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

#5 A mirror

A mirror can help reflect light and makes the space look larger and is also a nice alternative to art. Plus it can be convenient if you want to grab a quick look to check hair or make-up before rushing out the door. If you’re concerned about Feng Shui don’t place a mirror facing the front door.

#6 A basket

Baskets are really in at the moment, and, can add a casual country, beachy or Hamptons style appeal, acting as additional storage. It’s the perfect spot to store jumpers or scarves in winter or thongs and towels in summer.

#7 A coat rack or wall hooks

Having a place to hang up coats and bags means you’ll be able to keep piles of stuff from accumulating on the floor and, indeed, all the other surfaces of your home.  The humble coat rack can be one of the best things to place in an entry hall, but wall hooks or hangers are also a great option keeping things neat, functional and conveniently placed. Many coat racks come with a built in umbrella stand too, so you’ll never forget to take it on a rainy day.

#8 Art

We’ve said it before and we will again—a house isn’t a home until you can make it your own. A big part of that is adorning your space with art and photographs. Whatever you choose, let the piece, or pieces speak for themselves, creating the right first impression  which will then influence the styling of the rest of the home, creating a flow through effect.

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#9 A hall runner

Roll out the carpet and create a welcoming space in your hall, drawing in the eye. Hall runners are a great option for adding colour and an introduction to your interior styling, providing both a soft landing underfoot and a way to protect your floor.

#10 Nothing

Sometimes your entryway doesn’t need anything. Embracing simple, clutter free style can be liberating, like taking a deep breath before moving into the rest of the home or out into the world.

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