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10 inventive ways to organise your pantry

When you first move into your new Masterton home, you’ll have a chance to organise your pantry so it’s efficient, accessible and tidy. Here’s ten inventive ways that will help you do just that.

#1 Clean up

When you move in the first thing you’ll want to do is give everything a clean to your satisfaction. The pantry is no different and it’s a good habit to get into because keeping your pantry clean is a huge part of keeping it organised. Scheduling regular pantry clean outs will help you keep on top of towering stacks of cans, doubling up of shopping and items being lost at the back of your cabinets until they’ve expired.

#2 A fresh start

This is the perfect time to start from scratch and decide what items you would like to keep in the pantry.

When you move into your new home the best thing you can do is a complete overhaul of all your perishables and decide what you’re going to keep for your new pantry. It’s also the best time to decide where you’ll have room to store any bulk items you purchase regularly so as not to clutter up the space.

#3 Divide your pantry into zones

When you go to the supermarket you can find what you need because food is organised into aisles with other related products. Keeping your pantry arranged in a similar way can help you locate items easily and reduce cooking preparation time. Some potential zones for your food include: weekly dinners, portable lunches, baking items, canned vegetables and breakfast cereals.

#4 Make sure the most used items are accessible

Make sure the items you use most are the easiest to access and are at eye level. If you’ve divided your pantry into zones this will be a much simpler task for you to undertake.

#5 It’s all about the storage

Some of the best storage ideas for pantries include:

  • Clear air tight storage containers to store things like pasta and cereals. Being able to see through the containers and identify what’s inside saves time and ensures you don’t double up on items.
  • Keep similar products together in large, pretty wicker baskets or attractive tubs. Not only will this add to the tidy appearance of your pantry but it will help to corral small items. It will also ensure packages are kept upright for ease of access.
  • Wire bins on shelves are a great way to store canned goods.
  • Fun identification tags make things look stylish and help you find items.
  • Use lazy Susans on the highest and lowest shelves. Because they spin, you’ll be able to find small jars and containers that usually can get lost in the back corners of your cabinet.

#6 Use the back of the pantry door

The back of the pantry door is the perfect place to organise grocery lists, newsletters, coupons and pertinent papers. Using interesting magnets and magnetic clips to hold them onto the door it a great way to keep them visible and in mind. A blackboard or white board attached to the back of the door is a fantastic way family members can increase their communication, using them to leave notes for each other or contribute to weekly menus and shopping lists.

#7 Hang it up

Add function to your entire space by adding wall hooks, perfect for hanging aprons and shopping bags.

#8 Raise it up

A set of ‘bleachers’ allows for cans and jars to be staggered and shows inventory at a glance ensuring food doesn’t get lost at the back of the pantry.

#9 Butler’s pantry

If the home design you’ve chosen has a butler’s pantry consider keeping small appliances (eg toaster, kettle, microwave), servingware and other items in here to keep the main kitchen from looking cluttered. The butler’s pantry is an amazing addition to your Masterton home, allowing for a useful, tucked away prep space.

#10 Make it an enjoyable space

Invest some time in deciding how you want to decorate your pantry and keep everything themed to the look you’re aiming for. This means you’ll be more likely to put things back where they belong and enjoy opening the door to this space rather than dreading the mess inside.

To get some pantry inspiration, visit one of our display centres today and check out the different design options on offer.