10 steps to making the perfect bed

By following these ten steps you’ll be drifting off to the land of nod in a bed as heavenly as one you’d find in a five star hotel.

10 steps to making the perfect bed

#1 Sort your linen

The style of your linens depends on what you like to sleep in and the style of your room and your bed. However as a general rule, some of the items you may need are:

  • Mattress protector
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillowcases
  • Blanket (lightweight or heavyweight, depending on season)
  • Quilt, comforter, coverlet or doona
  • Accent pillows
  • Throw, blanket or coverlet
  • Bed skirt if you don’t have a slat bed

#2 Get out the iron

Many people would prefer to walk through hot coals than get out the iron, however pressed linens are crisp linens.

If you really, really can’t face ironing the sheets, then just iron pillowcases. With sheets, whether you’re ironing them or not, make sure you hang them flat to minimise creasing while drying.

#3 Center and straighten the bedskirt

If you’re using a bedskirt, straighten and centre it with the edges. You can anchor it with pins if you want it to keep in place.

If you have a slatted bed frame you can skip this step.

#4 Add the mattress protector

Make sure your mattress protector is pulled tight. Nothing makes the bed more uncomfortable than a bunched up mattress protector, which tends to form a lumpy mess in the centre of the bed. Elastic edges help with keeping the protector in place.

#5 Now for the sheets!

Pull on your fitted sheet so it’s taut and tuck it in firmly. If you have a pillow top or a tall mattress, invest in an extra deep sheet.

Next add the flat sheet. Drape it over the bed with equal overhang on either side and make sure you have enough at the bottom to tuck in. If you’re going to add a blanket, do it now, making sure the bottom of the blanket matches up with the bottom of the sheet. You will tuck the blanket and the top sheet in together.

#6 Time for hospital corners

Hospital corners are easy to do once you know how. Hold the long edges of the sheet and blanket and pull them out and up at a 45 degree angle to the corner of the mattress. Lift the bottom of the mattress and slide your bottom hand along the draping bottom edge of linens beneath it.

Once this is complete tuck in the side edges so they form a crisp crease. You’ll get better at this as you practise. After this you can fold the sheet and blanket back and tuck them in before moving onto the next stage.

#7 Add your chosen coverlet, quilt or doona

Whatever cover you choose as your final topper, make sure it’s spread evenly in the centre of the bed and it hangs symmetrically


#8 Layer pillows

The pillows you sleep on will be the first you place on the bed so when you remove other pillows these will be left. Plump them up and rest them against the headboard or wall. If you have European shams, add those next. Then add throw pillows and other decorations.

#9 Add the throw

Add a gorgeous and textured throw at the end of the bed. It can be folded or look as if it has been stylishly ‘thrown’ into place.

#10 Time to set off for dreamland

Now that your bed has been made stylish and lush, it’s time to rest your head and let yourself drift off to the land of nod.

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