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5 surfaces you can quickly declutter today

The flat surfaces in your home are usually the ones that attract the most clutter—keys, wallets, phones, unopened mail—but, by being aware of this you can actively fight the clutter and achieve a more serene atmosphere in your home. Here’s how.

#1 The kitchen bench

The kitchen bench has to be the most magnetic of all clutter spots. As the heart of the home, the kitchen’s usually the first place everyone goes when they walk through the door and this means they tend to drop whatever they’re holding on the bench.

The first thing to do is clear the clutter! Assign each piece to its owner and come up with a plan as household as to where these items will be stored. This could be done by having a central inbox or an action file.

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#2 The laundry counter

The laundry counter is not only where you fold and sort laundry but somewhere where you carry out craft projects, store sewing items for mending and where pet supplies go. But a cluttered bench will result in time being wasted because not only will you put things off (like folding the laundry), but the clutter will slow you down when you do decide to tackle it.

Keeping your laundry bench as clear as possible will make it a really functional work space. One way to do this is to ensure all things are stored in cupboards or put in a floating shelf where you can store essentials like washing powder in attractive containers that are easy to reach.

#3 The dining table

After the kitchen bench, the dining table tends to attract a huge amount of clutter (often the clutter you move from the kitchen bench!). It means you might be deterred from sitting down across the table from each other and having dinner.

There isn’t really any item in the home that needs to live on the dining table so it’s a realistic goal to keep it clear. Of course the table will be used for different activities meaning things can be tidied away once the activity is complete.

#4 Bedroom tables

This includes bedside tables and vanities. In home magazines these spaces are always perfectly styled with a vase of flowers and a colour co-ordinated book, but the reality is often a lot different. A good rule is to only store items in these spaces that you need access to before bed and in the morning. When placing things on top, consider how they make you feel when you look at them and if they add beauty to the room.

#5 Coffee tables and end tables

These tables should be kept for functional items like lamps, places for beauty (there is nothing like a potted plant or a bunch of flowers on a coffee table to make your lounge room feel like home), or as places to gather around and place your cup of tea or coffee while gathering with family and friends.

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