5 tips to keep your shower screen looking brand new

You shower to get clean but the irony is the more you shower the dirtier your shower screen will get! It’s such a shame because sparkly shower doors make the rest of your bathroom glow too. However, you can keep your glass shower screen looking brand new with these 5 easy tips.

5 tips to keep your shower screen looking brand new

#1 Banish build up

Keep a sponge or foam cleansing pad in the shower so you can clean the doors as soon as you finish your shower. The warm water will loosen up the grime (which with any luck won’t have set yet) and you won’t have to worry about getting messy or wet.

#2 Squeegee

Like tip #1, this tip is all about prevention. When you finish your shower, squeegee the shower door. It means soap scum won’t have time to set and you won’t have to scrub as much later.

#3 Do a daily shower spray

Using a shower spray each day means you’ll limit the amount of major cleans you’ll have to do. There are lots of natural shower sprays you can make with household products, many of the recipes available online.

#4 Citrus is best

One natural cleaner is lemon. Cut one in half, dip into baking soda and rub on the glass door. Another great natural cleaning product is baking soda mixed with water or liquid soap until it reaches the consistency of frosting. Make sure you apply it to the doors with a non-scratch material. Vinegar is also a great cleaning product but can corrode stone so be wary of using it if you have natural fixtures.

#5 Get inventive with cleaning tools

If grime and soap scum do build up, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the frame around the shower door. A razor, applied gently, can scrape soap scum off glass and you can use the squeegee to get the grime from where the glass meets the shower frame.

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