5 ways to pick the custom home façade of your dreams

First impressions matter. Your custom home facade needs as much attention and love as the dress you decide to wear on your wedding day. But a lot of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that are involved in choosing the ‘perfect’ custom home. That’s why we help take the guess work out for you so only the finishing touches are down to you. Here’s the top 5 ways you can add that wow factor to the facade of your new home.

5 ways to pick the custom home façade of your dreams

#1 First Impressions

Okay, we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover BUT the exterior of your home, when designed with intention and beauty, can dramatically affect the value of your home, and here’s why:

  • A beautiful paint colour catches the eye and also lets people know your home is maintained
  • Eco-friendly upgrades can improve insulation for better energy efficiency
  • Curb Appeal – choosing a timeless facade design in a style to match your neighbourhood will maintain your curb appeal and market value

As new home builders we know that creating that ultimate façade look is essential for your home—both so you can enjoy it and also for potential resale value down the track. We work with you so you can look forward to great backdrops for your insta profile and competitive offers on your home when you decide to sell.

#2 Deeply Rooted

Growing trends (all puns intended) are here to stay. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about putting aside some $$ to get that front garden looking lush. Eco-friendly and low maintenance styles are good ways to go if you don’t want to spend every weekend in the garden of your new custom home.

New home builders in Sydney should consider the following tips:

  1. Choose a landscape design that doesn’t hide your custom home facade
  2. Consider a more modern and manicured look
  3. Don’t forget the lighting (keep reading for more on this)
  4. Choose a bordered space marked by natural barks to not overwhelm the facade

#3: Stay Where You Are

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on costly renovations. In fact, most people are surprised to find out it is actually cheaper to get a new home than it is to renovate!

When you knockdown rebuild it means you get the home you want without moving an inch from your location.  This is a perfect choice for people who are invested in where they live because of schools, convenience, neighbours and more.

Knockdown rebuild homes let you keep everything and everyone you love nearby but also allows you that custom home (and facade) you always wanted.

#4: Structure is Everything

When planning and designing your custom home facade you should consider the right balance between not looking cookie-cutter and also not scaring the locals. Lucky we’ve got the basics covered making sure your new home has those timeless elements that always make a house look amazing!

  • Architectural Principles  – Components including the roof, windows (which make up about 20% of the facade), doors, fences and even your garage roller door.
  • Textural Elements – these break up flat surfaces.  Masterton has you covered in the second area so all you have to decide on is which of our amazing facades best suits your personality.

New home builders in Sydney should carefully consider the structure, layout, and overall design inspiration to create a timeless facade that will keep its value and that’s exactly what we do. All that’s left to you is choosing from our amazing designs!

#5 Outside In

A lot of people are often confused when it comes to understanding their design style. You know the feeling. You’re looking for some nice accent pillows for your sofa and jump with excitement at the fuzzy animal print. That is until you bring it home and you realize your whole home is country traditional!

One of the best expert tips is seeing what design style excites you. Like trying on a wedding dress for the first time look for that feeling that tells you—this is the one. Once you pick the style the interior design will automatically make you happy as expert home builders have designed façade and interior structure to complement one another.