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10 tips that will make speed cleaning your home easy

The faster you clean the sooner you’ll be finished so you can enjoy some free time. To help you out we put together these 10 cleaning tips to make speed cleaning your home easy.

#1 Carry your tools with you

Buy a cleaning caddy so all your cleaning products are ready to go. This means you won’t waste time getting together all your things to start and also means you can take them easily from room to room.

#2 Extend Your Reach

Invest in an extension cord for your vacuum. It means you’ll be able to cover more space without unplugging it and re-plugging it back into the power.

#3 Let the little things go

Focus on the big picture rather than worrying about the little things. For example, you don’t need to dust or wipe down the bookshelf, decorative ornaments and knick-knacks every week.

#4 Create a cleaning method

To save time trying to figure out where you’re going to start or what you’re going to do next, a great idea is to create a cleaning method that you can stick to, shaving off time as you go. Experts suggest starting each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down. This means you’ll never double up on cleaning and also means you’ll be able to clean without thinking.

#5 Conquer your clutter

If you keep your home nice and tidy, speed cleaning will be that much easier as you won’t need to declutter as you do. Make a centralised space for the storage of personal things. This could be a tub, a basket or a box. If your storage space gets full make a rule that you have to donate or rehome something.

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#6 Expect the unexpected

There are so many household items, like white vinegar and baking soda that make perfect cleaning tools. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and research other cleaning methods that may seem strange or unexpected.

#7 Keep cleaning products accessible

To save time when you’re going to clean, tidying up when possible will assist with this. In rooms such as the bathroom the best thing to do is keep some cleaning supplies under the sink. It means you can clean up as you go.

#8 Prevent soap scum in the shower  

Keep a sponge or foam cleansing pad in the shower so you can clean the doors as soon as you finish your shower. The warm water will loosen up the grime (which with any luck won’t have set yet) and you won’t have to worry about getting messy or wet.  When you finish your shower, squeegee the shower door. It means soap scum won’t have time to set and you won’t have to scrub as much later.

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#9 Get laser focused

Keeping your focus on the process of cleaning will help you get it done faster. The best thing to do is to turn off the TV and put your phone on silent so you can get the cleaning done before moving on.

#10 Make it a family affair

Cleaning is the responsibility of everyone in the house. By assigning tasks to each family member it means your job will be easier on cleaning day. Even young children can pick things up and put them away, make their bed and change the towels. Let each family member know exactly what they are meant to be doing done and if possible make the tasks as fun so you can to encourage them to get involved next time.

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