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7 storage secrets for your backyard shed

Soon after Masterton finishes building your new home, you’ll probably organise to have a shed constructed in your backyard*. Here’s 7 storage secrets for your backyard shed to save you both time (looking for items) and money (so you don’t replace something that you can’t find).

#1 Keep tools handy

It’s easy to keep smaller tools in check in a caddy, but longer handled tools are harder to store. By attaching sturdy hangers to the wall of the shed or on the back of the door, you’re afforded easy access to these items.

#2 Install shelves

Installing shelves in your shed is a no brainer, however it’s good idea to keep an open mind about what kind of shelving would work best for you.

  • If you’ve got a smaller shed which doesn’t let in much sun, open metal shelving is an option. It allows light to filter through, making items easier to find.
  • Adjustable shelves make your storage space more flexible, meaning you can tailor each shelf to fit the size of the tools or other items you would like to store.
  •  Corner shelving is a clever way to maximize storage without taking up too much space and allows you to utilise the more inaccessible sections of your shed.
  • Freestanding shelving that’s easily moved around may be an option if you know you’ll be reconfiguring your shed frequently.
  • Adding a bench to your shed is a fantastic idea because it will not only provide a workspace, but extra shelf space if needed.

#3 It’s all about the storage

Great shelving isn’t going to make much difference if tools and other items are not organised well on the shelves. Here’s some of our tips to keep these items neat and tidy:

  • Clear storage containers are a great place to store nails, nuts, bolts and other small items that are likely to get lost.
  • Keep similar products together in large baskets or attractive tubs.
  • Wire bins on shelves are a great way to store items because it allows you to still see what’s inside them.
  • Identification tags make things look stylish and help you find items.

#4 Magnetic magic

Magnetic strips work well to store metal garden tools such as pruning sheers or garden trowels. Hang them within arm’s reach and make sure you test the magnets are strong enough to bare weight.

#5 Make your shed part of the landscape

You don’t want your shed to stick out like an eyesore, so to avoid that, it’s best to look at the structure as part of your landscaping. Choose an attractive material which fits in with the rest of your home and garden. Put your gardening skills to good use by surrounding your shed with plants and shrubs that fit in with the rest of your yard. You can even make space for a small patio, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

#6 Keep a calendar

Most of us have devices buzzing and beeping at us all day long. It’s understandable then that we’re often desensitised to electronic reminders, especially on the weekends. If this sounds like you, then a visual calendar kept in the shed can be a brilliant way to keep up to date with landscaping activities. You can keep track of when you last fertilized, mowed the lawn or pruned. It can also be used as a planting calendar, keeping track of what needs to be sewn or harvested.

#7 Add a sink

If possible, adding a sink to your garden shed allows for the easy clean-up of both yourself and your tools and makes it possible to water potted plants. It’s convenient and means you won’t be taking soil inside with you—it’s kind of a no brainer.

While Masterton not build or install garden sheds, we’re experts at designing and constructing homes. Come and visit us today so you can find your new dream home.

*Masterton does not build or install garden sheds.