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7 ways to colour your home happy

Colour is how you express yourself and set the tone for your home. Colour affects our moods, our thoughts and has the power to shape and size furnishings as well as to visually alter the dimensions of the room itself. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right shades and combinations when decorating. Sound daunting? Well luckily the Colour Consultants at Masterton have come up with 7 sure fire tips to help you choose colours like a pro.

Pick colours you love

When choosing colours, start by picking one you love—even if it’s not on trend it will always resonate with you and help create a space that makes you happy. When considering wall colours, think about the feeling the colours imbue, for example red raises energy levels so might not be the best choice for a bedroom because it is too stimulating. Also don’t forget about the ceiling. As a general rule, ceilings that are darker than the walls feel lower while those that are lighter feel higher. It’s important to remember that just because a ceiling looks lower, if done correctly it needn’t look claustrophobic but rather, if done right, can make the room cozy and comfortable. Basically the darker the wall colours the smaller and more intimate the room looks, the lighter the wall colours the larger and more open it looks.

Don’t just think about wall colours

You can always repaint but flooring and fixed features such as benches, cupboards, wall tiles and splash backs are forever—or at least more permanent.

Look at colours in different light

Once you’ve made some colour choices, look at them in different lights—halogen and fluorescent light bulbs reflect different hues as does the sunshine. Check colour options in the morning and afternoon keeping in mind at which time of day light will flood your home. If you have a house that doesn’t get much natural light, choose colours that brighten and lift it so your rooms aren’t too dark.

Create a blank canvas

If in doubt choose neutral colours, creating a blank canvas. You can spice up the atmosphere by choosing colourful furniture, throws and cushions, art pieces, lighting fixtures and appliances—items that are more easily replaced. And remember—it’s the little things like a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit that add extra life and personality to a room.

Repeat colours

To create a flow through affect in your home, choose two or three of the same colours to be repeated in each room. For example, the colour of your kitchen splash back could be reflected in the family room by choosing the same colour lounge. Keep this in mind also when deciding on the façade of your home.

Think about the way colours make you feel

Warm colours are usually more energising while cool colours tend to be more tranquil. Colours close together on the colour wheel will make for calmer rooms while those further apart not only complement each other but can be used to create drama.

Look to nature and get inspired

What could be more liveable than a colour palette made up of earthy natural colours inspired by the sea or the bush? Take inspiration from the natural world around your home and create flow through your home from the outside in.

If you would like more colour inspiration visit the homes at one of Masterton’s display villages?

If you’re currently building a home with Masterton and haven’t yet reached the stage of your colour appointment then why not enrol in a design workshop with one of our very own interiors specialists?