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7 ways to make your dining area good enough to eat in

Brr… it’s cold outside and it’s a great time to enjoy dinner inside with family and friends. And with the increasing trend to entertain at home more often, the dining area is really becoming a central part of the home. Here are 7 tips to create an inviting dining area in which you can enjoy long, relaxing meals.

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#1 Set the scene with soft furnishings

Soft furnishings incorporated into your dining area can add comfort, softness or even add drama to your dining space, helping you set a mood for meal time. Some soft furnishings you can include are:

  • A gorgeous, oversized rug instantly adds warmth and character to a space. It can bring the theme of the area together, and, if the dining space is set up as part of an open plan living area it can be useful for ‘zoning’ the dining table, making your dinners feel cosier and more intimate.
  • Add comfort to dining chairs with the help of sheepskin rugs or blankets
  • Think about table linens such as a runner, placemats or a table cloth that can tie your whole look in together
  • Use cushions to soften the space
  • Think about adding a fabric pendent light or floor lamp

#2 Choose the right dining table

Choose a table that follows the lines of your space for optimal seating and movement. Ensure the table is the right size for the dining area—you don’t want it to be swallowed up by the space and at the same time, you don’t want it to impose on it either. Chairs should be the right size and height for people to be comfortably seated at the table. Choosing matching chairs will give the space a classic chic look while mismatching chairs make for a cozy, eclectic dining space.

Dining table options include:

  • Rectangular tables are the most traditional of choices but they also work in contemporary settings just as well as historical ones. A long table is an ideal option for a long room and can fit into most spaces without feeling domineering. Having a narrower table allows guests to be seated closer and gives the space intimacy
  • Oval tables give a sense of occasion and, with their curved edges, can help with energy flow.
  • Round tables are a great choice for those who want an intimate closeness and conversation with family and friends. Round tables also take up less space.
  • Square tables give the space a contemporary look while curved comfortable chairs can soften the space. One downside is that they can take up a lot more space than you’d think

#3 Make it personal

Decorate your dining area with art, objects from your travels, family heirlooms, photographs and pictures to make it personal. Use family china and table settings if you’re lucky enough to have had these items passed down to you. Add character to the dining area with a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ to display things of interest such as crockery, china, natural found things like shells and stones, pictures, books or plants.

#4 A pop of colour

Add a pop of colour to enliven the dining area, which is often one of the most overlooked aspects of your home. This is a shame as it’s also one of the most important spaces, where you and the people closest to you can gather together to share a meal. By adding colour you can alter the ambiance of the area to suit the mood you’re trying to create.

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#5 A light bulb moment

Eye-catching designer light fixtures can make the space stand out. They can also add to the mood so use pendant lamps with low wattage bulbs as decoration while making sure overhead lighting switches come with dimmers. Make sure you take into account where pendant lights will fall so people don’t hit their heads while trying to eat. Candles can also add to the ambiance—just make sure you protect your table from melting wax.

#6 Style your dining table even when you’re not sitting down to eat

The dining table is often forgotten when it comes to styling your home and worse, because of its large surface are, it can become a dumping ground. By adding vessels, floral arrangements, plants or a design vignette, the dining table can look super stylish 100% of the time.

#7 The last tip?

The last most important tip is to invite your family and friends to share the space with you as much as possible. All the beautiful furnishings in the world won’t beat the style and memories created when you all sit down to share a meal together.

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