The Symphony Executive brings together all the best aspects of home design and interior styling, blending them into one - Masterton Homes

The Symphony Executive brings together all the best aspects of home design and interior styling, blending them into one

Like a skilled orchestra, the Symphony Executive brings together all the best aspects of home design and blends them into one. So how did the interiors team style this home in a way that compliments the home’s architectural beauty while also creating a beautiful and cozy aesthetic with the furnishings themselves? We chat to Madeleine, the interior stylist who headed the project to find out more.

Where did your inspiration for the Symphony Executive come from?

I’m always inspired by a multitude of things. Like I’ve said before I draw a lot from my own laid back coastal lifestyle, styling homes with a light and breezy vibe and a colour palette drawn from the seaside. I feel this look really suits the warm Australian climate and our love for the outdoors. A coastal inspired space has a carefree feel that works even if you’re miles away from the shoreline.

With this particular home, I also drew on my love of mid-century retro vibes. I really admire the uncomplicated, fresh aesthetic of this period where people were driven by their desire to try new things and found a way to propel themselves into the modern era through design.

Finally, aspects of Scandinavian design were also an inspiration and we achieved this aesthetic through the use of natural materials while highlighting the beauty of clean lines and uncluttered spaces. The furniture in this home is well crafted, comfortable but low key and decorations are soothing and minimal. We aimed to make each and every space in the home liveable with a focus on understated elegance and comfort.

What feeling do you get from the home’s architectural design? What kind of feeling did you want to capture with your interior styling?

When you walk through the door of the Symphony you’re immediately taken by the spacious, modern, light, easy flow spaces and floorplan. All of these feelings really helped to shape the vibe of the interiors, playing on the emotions the architecture had already created and amplifying them. The resulting interiors give the home a feeling of fresh, relaxed modern living that will never go out of style.

What aspects of the Symphony’s design did you want to draw attention to with the interior design?

One of my favourite aspects of the home is the raked ceiling with skylights that really lift the space and mood of the home. I really wanted to draw attention to this architectural element by framing the dining table directly underneath it.

Who do you think would live in this home? Who was it designed for?

This home is really versatile and would suit all kinds of families and lifestyles. One of the reasons the home has such a broad appeal is that it’s a manageable sized home but it’s also open and roomy with a floorplan that maximises on available space. It’s the kind of home that is perfect for growing families but also for people downsizing as well as everyone in between

What kind of lifestyle does the interior design inspire?

Like I said before, I incorporate the laid back, easy care living from my own lifestyle into my designs and I feel the Symphony really reflects this in both the interior design as well as its floor plan and architectural lines. To achieve this feel, I tried to keep the furniture quite minimal by making sure it matched the natural coloured flooring, giving the illusion that it was disappearing. We kept the space uncluttered and used natural colours and textures to show there is room for every occasion and everything you need without the unnecessary extras you can live without. Building a new home is the perfect opportunity to cleanse yourself of redundant items you’ve been holding onto after all!  What I really wanted to create in this home was a sense of space so people had room to imagine themselves into the Symphony, creating the optimum conditions for self-expression.

Why do you think people should come and check out the Symphony Executive for themselves?

The Symphony is a beautiful home that gives people a stunning canvas with which to play with. I think the interiors showcase the benefits of a minimalistic approach to styling coupled with a Mod/Scandi vibe.

So come and see the amazing interiors of the Symphony Executive yourself by visiting one of our newest displays at Emerald Hills.