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The importance of proportion in the interior design of your home

Getting proportions right is so important in interior design and chances are, the reason a room feels perfect when you walk into it is because everything is in proportion with the furnishings and accessories being just right for the space.

Why does proportion matter in interior design?

Designing a room’s interior is more than just placing furniture and other furnishings in a space, and one of the most fundamental rules of design is considering proportion—not only the room’s parameters but the proportion of furniture as well as the spaces in between.

When the proportions of a room look and feel right it means the space has a ‘Goldilocks’ amount of furnishings (not too much or too little). If furniture is too big and there is not a lot of space around each piece it can interrupt the flow of the room making it feel awkward and cluttered. If the furniture is too small and there is a lot of space left in-between your pieces, the space won’t feel homely, cozy or inviting.

What are some of the mistakes people make regarding proportions in interior design?

One of the main mistakes people make is having matching furniture all in the same height, colour and style. This can make the room look lifeless. The best way to rectify this is to make sure your furniture and furnishings complement each other but are not completely matching. You can also add interest by choosing a range of different cushions, throws, artwork shapes, sizes all in complimentary colours. By adding a floor lamp you can add height to a corner as well as ambience. Indoor plants also add height and can be as expressive as a work of art. If you have room, a tall cabinet or bookcase can add interest as well as handy storage. If you don’t have the space, consider floating shelves to give attention to the higher levels in your room.

Another mistake people make is quite a basic one and it’s simply measuring out your space properly with a tape measure and deciding on the best layout and size for your furniture and furnishings. If you’re planning on purchasing new furniture, a great idea to find out how it will fit the space is to lay out newspaper or cardboard in the same size and configuration. This will allow you to assess the proportion of the room and give you a sense of how much floor space any of your pieces will take up. Make sure if you’re taking your old furniture you don’t allow any piece to become the elephant in the room. It pays to rationalise so you can make your space feel beautiful while maintaining the natural flow which is a feature of every Masterton floor plan.

What proportions need to be considered in the living room?

At Masterton, we make sure all spaces in our homes are well proportioned and we take special consideration when designing the open plan layout of common areas so they are both, light and airy as well as functional. We factor in the fact you’ll want technology in the living room as well as furniture. Things for you to look out for are:

  • Make sure the TV isn’t too big for the room.
  • Balance your entertainment unit with the size of the TV and the room as a whole. A common mistake is to have a small unit with a huge TV when actually it should be the other way around.
  • The proportions of furniture to technology especially in relation to the sofa’s distance from the TV for viewing comfort.

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  • An area rug can bring everything in the room together especially in these open spaces.

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  • Furniture should be arranged so you can not only watch television but should be positioned in a way for conversation. A U-shaped arrangement is ideal if you are organising furniture around a TV. If not and the central aspect of the room is, for example a fireplace that you don’t need to look at, you can arrange sofas to face each other.
  • A coffee table balances the space between the rest of the furniture. The coffee table should be the right height for the sofa and located close enough that you can rest a cup of tea or glass of wine on it when seated.

How about the proportion of furniture in the bedroom?

Our home designs aim to make arranging furniture in your bedrooms easy. But there’s more to designing a bedroom than just finding space for a bed. That’s why we put together some basic guidelines so you can create restful retreats for you and your family members.

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If you would like to see furniture in proportion in a Masterton home, and get some interior styling inspiration then come and walk through our home designs at one of our display villages.