9 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding Which Design Fits Your New Home Build

It’s no secret that choosing which home design to build is super exciting, we get all tingly just thinking about it! But considering you’re going to spend more than a third of your time in this new house, it’s a HUGE decision, not just for now, but for the future. So, before you rush right in (we know it’s hard when there’s so many awesome designs to choose from), here’s eight essential questions you need to ask yourself (and answer) before signing on the dotted line.

9 Essential Questions You Need To Ask Before Deciding Which Home Design To Build

#1 What kind of lifestyle do you want?

Your lifestyle—or the kind you wish you had—is the number one question you should be asking yourself before you build a new home as far as we’re concerned. It’s all about taking into account those big life choices, like whether you work from home, how large your family is and whether you’re planning on having (more) kids. All of this is going to impact the size of the home you need, how many bedrooms, bathrooms or living spaces.

Living with your extended family is another thing to think about. Maybe your parents will sell their home and help you finance a knockdown rebuild, in which case a duplex may be on the cards (we’d say yes to living in babysitters!). Or maybe you’d like to rent out a granny flat on Airbnb for some extra cash. Whether you build a granny flat in your backyard like the Haven or would prefer a more integrated apartment like in the Synergy Premier Twin. Either way, duel living options are never a bad idea #kaching.

#2 How long are you planning to live in this home?

You’ll want to build a new home you can live in for years to come so you need to think about choosing a design that will change and adapt to you and your family’s needs long into the future. While all of our home designs take this into account, some floor plans could be better in the long run.

#3 Are you the kind of person who has time for maintenance?

We bet your answer was no!

Being high maintenance may be fun when you’re on the receiving end (spa day anyone?) but when it comes to your home most people don’t want to sweat. Your Masterton home will come with all all the luxuries you’ve ever dreamed of so all you have to do is move in. The only thing you’ll need to consider are your landscaping options.

Low maintenance plants and paved areas are much easier to maintain than a lawn you need to mow regularly. Look for natives that suit your environment so they thrive without taking up too much of your attention.

#4 Have you considered each space in the floor plan?

If you’ve been to an open house before, then you know that all that glitters is not gold. It’s easy to be wowed by a great home that has been styled only to find out that the floor plan is a mess.

One of the best things about Masterton designs is that we have flexible floor plans allowing you multiple room usages. As new home builders Sydney we think about the functionality of each space meaning all you’ll need to do is decide what to use each room for! Do you want a formal lounge? Or would you rather set up an exercise bike and a pilates reformer? Do you need an extra bedroom to cater for family who don’t live close by or do you want to keep toys in one space and convert a room to a kids playroom? The options are as endless as your imagination.

To help you decide what you need most, think about #1 lifestyle. Each room should have purpose, intention, function, and of course beauty. For example, if you have small children you probably want their rooms near the parents’ suite for easy access. Older teens will appreciate a room away from all the grown-ups (and let’s be honest so would we). For older family members having a comfortable bottom level with quiet spaces and comfort are a must—or perhaps a granny flat?

#5 How energy efficient do you want your new home to be?

While we design our homes to be energy efficient (think great quality insulation, sarking and the like), there’s a few ways you can increase their effectiveness, help the environment and save money too! Think about adding your own extras such as double-glazed windows, solar panels and a water tank. We can help you decide on a floor plan to suit your block’s solar orientation while the appliances in our Ultimate Inclusions get great energy efficiency ratings.

#6 Have you checked out our upgrades and inclusions?

Our Ultimate Inclusions turn your house into a home instantly, and the best part is, with most home designs you’ll get them for FREE. Our Evolve series of homes include all the essential things you’ll need.

All that will be left for your to do is to fill your new dream home with everything and everyone you love.

#7 What’s your interior style?

When you’re choosing a home design, it’s a good idea to think about how you want the home to look and feel right from the get go. For example, if you’re into that beautiful, white and coastal look, the Overture series with it’s breezy floor plan and option of an elevated ceiling skylight is the perfect choice while the Accord, styled with mid-century modern interiors is urban and edgy.

It’s also a good idea to think about the practicality of your interior styling choices. For example, white carpet may look dreamy but it’s probably not the best choice if you have young kids or a golden retriever who loves rolling in mud. On the other hand, a white sofa with washable covers might be the perfect option.

#8 What is the block you’re building your new home on like?

The size and shape of your block is a huge factor to consider when deciding on which new home design you’re going to build. Things to think about include:

  • Your block size and shape
  • Block width including boundary setbacks for your council area
  • Whether you have a corner block
  • The slope of your block.
  • The solar orientation of your block will affect your choice of floorplan, ideally maximising natural light.

The best part is, we’ll do https://masterton.com.au/free-site-inspection/

 meaning we’ll help you decide which designs will suit your block before you knockdown rebuild.

#9 Are you going to visit a display village?

There’s really no better way to see if a home is right for you than by visiting a Masterton Homes display village. Nothing beats actually walking around our homes to get a feel for each floor plan and, while, you’re there, we can chat in person and start the process of choosing the perfect home design (as well as help you to answer all these questions!) In the meantime, you can check out all our amazing designs online and start narrowing down which new home you’d love to build.

9 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding Which Design Fits Your New Home Build