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How you can have a perfectly organised wardrobe

All of our Masterton homes include ample wardrobe space. There are built in robes included in all bedrooms and walk in robes often featuring in the master suite. But how do you whip your wardrobe into shape when you move into your new home? We find out.

Why bother having a neat wardrobe?

While you may be able to hide the mess behind closed doors, having a neat wardrobe is actually very important. There’s nothing worse than a wardrobe that’s bursting at the seams or one that’s so messy you struggle to find a single thing to wear. The less time you have to spend battling clutter, the better. It means your emotional wellbeing will improve and you’ll probably save money because you’ll be less likely to lose items or believe you’ve got nothing to wear.

It’s not space you have to worry about

At Masterton we make sure all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and those areas in-between are fitted out with ample storage. But often times when we can’t get organised it has less to do with space and more to do with having too much stuff. According to research only about 20% of clothes are worn on a regular basis. It may be time to fill up some charity bags…

Create clothing categories

Once you’ve let go of unwanted, or rather, unworn items, it’s time to sort out what you’re keeping. Categorise clothing into a simple system so you’re never searching for what you need. For example, hang all long sleeve shirts together from lightest to darkest.

This is also the moment when you have to decide on which items to hang and which to fold. It’s best to hang bulky items, like jackets and of course anything that creases!

T-shirts and jumpers are best folded so they keep their shape as well as items like jeans that don’t need to be ironed.

Maximise space

Figure out how your wardrobe is going to work best for you. First address the space that’s hard to get to. This is the perfect area for infrequently worn or used items, or items which can only be worn in a certain season—you can swap them around from summer to winter. Use the same style hangers and fold items to the same size.

Decide on shoe storage

It’s ideal for shoes to be stored down low, away from clothing and in a breathable storage solution. Shoes take up a lot of space so it’s a good idea to decide to cull to the essentials.

Divide and conquer your drawers

To save space, use dividers in your drawers. It means socks and underwear can be style and colour sorted. Jewellery stacking trays are also useful to save space.

Keep it organised

Now that your wardrobe is perfectly sorted, how can you keep it that way? Spend a little time each week putting laundry in the right places and throw out any items you don’t need any more. Chances are once you have a tidy wardrobe maintenance will become a joy rather than a chore.

If you want to see how much wardrobe space you’ll be getting in your new Masterton home, then head to one of our display centres to check it out.