Clever storage tips to make your bathroom more functional

There are few rooms in the home which house as many products and possessions as the bathroom. That’s why we’ve put together these bathroom storage tips so you can keep a check on all your items and streamline your morning routine.

Clever storage tips to make your bathroom more functional

#1 Concealed storage

At Masterton, we make sure your bathroom will have a lot of concealed storage space. Taking lotions, makeup and bath products off the counter and placing them behind closed doors so to speak, will make your space clean, efficient and more functional.

#2 Basket case

Baskets are the ideal storage solution to conceal toiletries and other items in style. Choose a mix of baskets in different sizes and shades which you can either store in the open or in your bathroom cabinets. It helps you stock similar items together and streamline your daily bathroom rituals.

#3 Pull up a seat

A stool in the bathroom can work well for both seating and storage. It’s the perfect place to sit when it comes time to bathe children and/or pets.

#4 Contain your products

The unattractive packaging items like cotton buds, cotton balls and small soaps come in can also make them difficult to store in an accessible way. Instead, the best thing to do is to transfer these items to pretty glass storage containers (meaning you can see what’s inside them) which you can conceal in bathroom cupboards or even on display.

#5 Label it

If you sort toiletries into containers make sure you label each with the contents. Create a playful feel by choosing large colourful labels and nice hand writing.

#6 Use a tray

A long shallow tray is perfect for hairstyling tools or other accessories so you can transport them easily and store them on a shelf or in a drawer. Natural weave trays are attractive and hold hot items safely while plastic trays are easy to clean.

#7 Clothes call

Make sure clothes and dirty towels are not left on the floor of your bathroom by providing attractive laundry bins or baskets. You can even look into converting one of your bathroom cupboards into a laundry bin so it’s hidden from view.

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s why we make sure it’s the perfect place for you to get ready in the morning and relax and unwind at night. Your home will be built with plenty of fantastic bathroom and linen space. Come and check out one of our displays to see for yourself today!