Pros and Cons of Building a Duplex

Pros and Cons of Building a Duplex

Is a Duplex right for you?

It seems like everybody is talking about the Duplex these days. And it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice, given it’s smart use of available land space. Not to mention the earning potential!

But is a duplex right for you? We’ve compiled a few handy thoughts on the pros and cons of building a Duplex v’s a Single Dwelling.


  • Two homes on the one property
  • All the benefits of a freestanding dwelling
  • Maximise the equity in your property
  • Excellent solution for high demand suburbs
  • No strata fees
  • Only one (close) neighbour
  • Reduces cost of building two separate homes on two properties
  • Peace of mind – added security of a neighbour or family member close by



  • Not as big as a freestanding house
  • Close living proximity to your potential tenants
  • Not all local councils will allow duplexes to be built

To find out if building a new Masterton duplex is a better option for your family, book and appointment to speak with our expert Duplex specialists. Our experience is second-to-none, and we now offer a range of affordable duplex designs with our Evolve Duplex Collection, right through to our more luxury duplex designs with our Ultimate Duplex Collection.