Design Workshop


Inspiring Interior Design Workshop Benefits

Learn the secrets of successful styling by incorporating the elements and principles of design. You will be able to style your new Masterton Home with confidence, while identifying your own sense of style.

• This workshop will show you how colour design consultants create innovative colour schemes. You will be guided by a professional interior designer and gain confidence in effectively selecting and using colour. You will create a sample board to establish a desired ambience, from which you will develop a colour scheme suitable for your residential exterior and interior finishes.
• This workshop on design will also show you how colour can make spaces appear bigger/smaller, higher/wider but also how it con increase your property’s value.
• Confidently choose Exterior and Interior colours to fit the style, shape and size of your home. Thus supporting your individual lifestyle.

• Exclusively available to Masterton clients.

Nancy's Philosophy

My philosophy is 'when you are in spirit - you are inspired'. My aim is to create and implement tailored designs and Feng Shui solutions that are inspirational and distinctive - yet practical. I believe in providing clients with opportunities to create their own vision by offering a range of furniture, colour, textures and patterns. I endeavour to create something which is appealing to the eye, the sense of touch and emotions. Through my designs, I aim to be impressive and distinctive but also practical. I believe that being at home or in the office should be a pleasurable experience. Unique design solutions using a mix of my own imagination and creation will also be included. Overall a timeless elegance will be created and sustained by tailoring the design solution to the client's lifestyle. Every home, office or dwelling will be viewed as an opportunity to breathe and inspire life into it and in essence create a unique personality and atmosphere. 

It's a delight to feel and be part of the Masterton family. Masterton Homes welcomes my energy and enthusiasm; from the day I started at Masterton back in 2007. I still feel the love and commitment. I mostly admire Jim and Marjorie Masterton's passion and involvement still to this day, after 50 strong years.

Working with Masterton Homes, one of the leading home builders in NSW, as the Interior Designer, I am responsible for all the exhibition display homes; this position has allowed me to be a dynamic leader within my profession. 

I work closely with the Executive Manager, the Company Chairman, the CEO and the State Sales Manager. 

As the company's Interior Designer, I need to ensure the design objective is achieved by justifying the idea and how it works together to achieve the overall design. Some examples include the choice of facade colours, space planning, furniture layout, product choice and many other design aspects, including landscaping. I am heavily involved with resolving most of the issues raised, by explaining the logic behind the illusion that colour and design plays on our everyday life. On many occasions, I need to illustrate or present it in a different perspective to get the message and the vision clarified.

Additionally, it gives me great pleasure and personal satisfaction in delivering the ideas and the logic behind design. I feel that I have a special skill in delivering the ideas and opening the possibilities in ones mind.

Due to my passion towards design, I see myself doing this for a very long time, as I have made my occupation a part of my lifestyle. 

Nancy Malekpour


Workshops are developed and presented by:

Nancy Malekpour (Design to Inspire)      
Masterton Homes Interior           
Designer of all Exhibition           
Display Homes and Member of           
The Design Institute of Australia                                           


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Base price includes traditional facade. Alternative facade upgrades available. No applied finishes are included such as render, moroka, bag and paint, stack stone or tiles. These are optional upgrades. Images in this brochure may depict items not supplied by Masterton which include, but are not limited to, landscaping, pathways, driveways, decks, pergolas, fencing, letter boxes, pool, water features and BBQ. Images may depict upgraded items which include, but are not limited to, fireplaces, window furnishings, light fittings, floor coverings, alarm systems, air conditioning, doors and feature tiling. Masterton reserves the right to revise plans, specifications and pricing without notice. All plans and images are subject to copyright protection. Please contact a sales consultant for more information.

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