Duplex Home Design: the quiet achiever

Demand for Duplex homes continues to grow as Aussie’s seek out more inventive ways to get into and keep up with the property market. Even more so for high demand suburbs around Sydney, on our harbour and across our stunning beaches. Home builders everywhere are exploring the best way to take a bigger first step into the property market by generating a second source of income by renting out the second dwelling.

Duplex Home Design: the quiet achiever

Designed to fit on suburban blocks, a Masterton duplex is a smart solution for modern living, with two completely separate dwellings under the same roof, on the one block of land. Each dwelling has their own separate entrance, separate amenities, garage, and more often than not, alfresco area. The Duplex truly is the unsung hero of the property market.

So if you’ve been thinking about Knocking down and rebuilding a brand new home on your own land, why not consider building a Masterton Duplex?

There’s a lot to love about building a Duplex home:

  • You can build at your perfect location: on your own land
  • No need for a body corporate, you only share one common wall
  • If you’re investing, it’s two rental incomes from the one asset
  • Only one neighbour, so it’s better than an apartment
  • Easy to monitor your property when you live next door
  • Minimise your garden maintenance, with only half the block!




Double the potential investment return

Building a new duplex home represents an exciting investment opportunity. After all, building two homes on the one block of land makes great financial sense, plus it gives you plenty of options.

You can enjoy the lifestyle you want today, and grow one or two nest eggs for your family in the future. Or you could rent out both sides for double the income. Or you could even reduce your debt faster if you sell one side or rent out the other to offset the mortgage.

Multiple living options

With a Masterton Duplex, you can live in one, rent the other – an excellent way to offset your mortgage. Not only that, with separate titles, you can reduce your debt faster by selling one, or even selling both dwellings to potentially make a profit.  Or you could just move the family in!

Multi-generational living at its best

It’s no secret that cracking into the property market is tough. So if you could help your family get a foot in, why wouldn’t you? Pooling family resources is a great option, and it would make sure there’s loving family close by to keep an eye on aging parents, or to mind the kids for a bit. It’s really living together, but still apart. Make sense, right!

To find out if building a new Masterton duplex is a better option for your family, book and appointment to speak with our expert Duplex specialists. Our experience is second-to-none.