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Easy ways to get started with your spring cleaning

Spring has nearly sprung and spring cleaning projects are so much easier to tackle when they’re broken down meaning you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine much sooner. That’s why we’ve compiled this spring cleaning checklist to help you get started.

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Clean your windows

It’s easy to forget how important clean windows can be to making your home look clean and to let in natural light. Instead of just wiping down the inside of your windows, make sure you wash the outside. It’s also the perfect time to clean any blinds, just make sure you follow any instructions your installer gave you before you take on the task.

An open and shut case

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean your cabinet doors. In the kitchen, your cabinets can get cooking build up, fingerprint marks or even spill stains. In the bathroom you may also have fingerprints, steam marks or water marks. It’s also the perfect opportunity to clean the insides of cabinets from any dust or debris and declutter items as you go, especially anything out of date.

Bench tops and other surfaces

When you build a new Masterton home, we use quality materials and make sure that your bench tops are sealed. You can test this by checking that water beads along the surface. To maintain these surfaces you will need to seal them in the future and your spring clean is a good time to think about doing this.

The dishwasher

It saves you washing up by hand but we often forget to take care of our dishwasher. Spring is the perfect time to give your dishwasher the once over, making sure there is no debris in the bottom before running a cleaning cycle with the appropriate product.

The fridge

This means the outside and the inside. The best way to tackle it is to take out your fridge’s shelving and wash with warm soapy water. While these shelves are removed it’s also the best time to tackle all the other surfaces, including the seals ensuring there is no mould—if there is, vinegar is a good natural way to tackle it.

The oven

You may have a self-cleaning oven but that doesn’t mean you should never clean it! Scrape off all baked on matter and take racks and trays out to wash.


While you’re getting everything in tip top shape it’s a great time to hire a carpet steamer or organise a professional carpet cleaner. If you do organise a professional, see if you can get them to clean other furniture such as rugs and fabric lounges.

Other spring cleaning tips include:

  • Save time by organising a cleaning caddy so you can carry tools and products with you
  • Maximise space in your wardrobe by archiving your winter woollies into space bags
  • Get kids involved in cleaning, sorting toys, clothes and other belongings into keep and donate piles
  • Clean out the pantry and get rid of anything out of date, same goes for bathroom and laundry cupboards as well as medicine cabinets
  • Get rid of anything you no longer need in the garage and shed

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  • Organise your wardrobe

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