Finding interior design inspiration when designing your new build home

It’s never too soon to start collecting interior design inspiration for your new build home. The more inspo you collect, the easier it will be to make the best decisions when the time comes to choose fixtures, finishes and colours. But why do you need inspiration when designing your home interiors? And where can you find home interiors inspiration?

Finding interior design inspiration when designing your new build home

Why home interior design inspiration matters – especially to new home builders

The tiniest choices you make when building your new build home will all come together to create a space you’ll be living in every day. That’s why it’s important to collect lots of inspo so you can get all your ideas together before committing to a theme or design plan for your interior design. Trust us, it’ll make bringing your vision to life that much easier and means you’ll build a home you’ll love for years to come.

These days you’ll pretty much be able to find all your interior design inspiration in pictures you find online. It’s free AND you can do it from your couch in your pyjamas. Need we say more?

But where should you start looking and collecting home interiors inspo?


As if you couldn’t have guessed it! Instagram is probably our all-time fave place to find interior design inspiration.

Have you ever flopped down on the sofa for a quick scroll through your friend’s holiday snaps and found yourself, hours and hours later trawling through images of Mediterranean resorts? #guilty. It’s such an easy (and fun) thing to do, so while you’re there, save the images that inspire you the most. Even better, create folders of rooms and themes so when the time comes, you can get down to the nitty-gritty and make decisions that will fit whatever theme you choose for your home.

Instagram tip: Make sure you search (and follow) relevant hashtags like #interiorstyling #bathroomdesign #kitchendesign.

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What did we do before Pinterest? Probably built up a messy box file of scraps of paper cut from interiors mags OR more likely, piles of magazines, gathering dust in the garage.

The best thing about Pinterest is that you can save images from anywhere online and collate them into inspiration boards. We love it because you can actually visualise what a theme will look like, piecing together pins to make a full room.

The options for categories are endless so you can create inspiration boards for each and every aspect of your dream home including boards for specific rooms, DIY instructions for projects you love, furniture ideas and even holiday and event decorating tips.

Our tips for using Pinterest to help with your interior design are:

  • Download the Pinterest app
  • Follow other pinners/boards whose style resonates with you
  • Don’t just develop boards for rooms but for the overall theme of your home interiors
  • Pin from the original source – this will make it easier to find information later without having to dive through a rabbit warren of links
  • Install the pin it button into your browser so you can pin from any site

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Who wouldn’t want to feel like they were on holidays at home? It makes sense then that one of the best places for home interior inspiration comes from holiday locations, plush hotels and coastal resorts. Whether you’re lucky enough to be staying somewhere dreamy or are simply vacationing vicariously online, you’re sure to find lots of pics to inspire the interiors of your new dream home. Holidays are usually when you and the fam as a whole are at their most relaxed, so makes sense that this vibe should inspire your home design.

Save your snaps

When it comes to gathering interior design inspiration, you want to capture how you want your home to feel as well as how you want it to look. That’s why we recommend adding your own photos to the mix. Places you love, interiors you covet and holidays you’ve taken are all great places to begin.

If ripping pages from interiors magazines is your thing then go for it—just be extra quiet if you’re sneaking a page from a mag in a dentist waiting room. However, with quality cameras in all our phones, you can just take a pic of a pic. Similarly, if you see anything that inspires you, take a snap and save it for later.

Use these tools to prepare for your colour meeting

Once you’ve started gathering your interior design inspiration, you’ll be able start streamlining all your ideas into a theme. This means when you go into your colour meeting you’ll be able to pick finishes like flooring, tiles, colours and facades with confidence because you’ll already have an idea of the way the colours and textures will blend together. And because you’ve saved your info to apps and on your phone, it means you can have all your home interiors inspo on hand to help you through the process.

If you need more home interiors inspo make sure you check us out on Instagram and Pinterest and have a look through our home designs.