Five simple ways to make your laundry more functional and fun

The laundry is one of the most functional spaces in your home, however much of the time clutter gets in the way. So how can you stop this from happening?

Five simple ways to make your laundry more functional and fun

The Masterton design team have put together some really practical tips to lighten your load and make your already functional laundry even more efficient and a little more fun.

#1 Organise

A little cleverness goes a long way in styling small quarters. Utilize bins, baskets, shelves, and wall-mount solutions to organise laundry rooms.

#2 Pretty canisters

Laundry cupboards can get full pretty quickly and it’s always the place we want to store a whole lot of stuff—from cleaning products to towels and linen. Sometimes this means there’s no room left for your washing powder, first aid products or pegs. But with attractive canisters and containers you can have these items on display in accessible locations.

#3 Label everything

Labeling bins, storage containers and baskets makes it easy to find things as well as store things. Laundry hampers labelled with whites, colours and darks help all family members to get on board and sort washing. It makes it less likely for a stray red sock to turn the whites pink!

#4 Never be short on drying space

Drying racks are perfect for the middle of winter or rainy days but for a little hand-washing you might not want to set up something so big. Hanging a rod or attractive hooks in the laundry can help decorate the space as well as add functional drying areas.

#5 Choose a soothing colour scheme

It might not make the room more functional but it will help you be more efficient if your laundry room is a place you don’t mind spending time. Don’t discount the decoration of the room, choose a soothing colour and make it as light and airy as possible.

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