Forget the renovation! Here’s 3 reasons why you should knock down rebuild a new home

You love everything about where you live—the outlook, the land, the location, the neighbours. Your whole life is there and you don’t want to move. But the house? It’s tired, dated, and you dream of a new home. But you’re probably wondering—should you renovate or build a brand new home? Here’s three reasons why you should knock down rebuild a new home instead of renovating your old house.

Forget the renovation! Here’s 3 reasons why you should knock down rebuild a new home

#1 You get the dream home design you really want

The best part about knock down rebuild is that by the end, you’ll get a brand new contemporary home, in your suburb, exactly how you dreamed it would.


When you knock down rebuild your new home with us you’ll:

  • Be in control of choosing all the customisable features of your new home design, making it the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle
  • Be confident that your new design will meet current building standards
  • Get to decide on a floor-plan and layout that works for you without being limited by the design of your old home
  • Have a contemporary home with good insulation, new finishes and fixtures as well as warranty after the handover
  • Know Masterton will be on top of every detail of the construction process without having to make educated guesses about the quality or soundness of the original builder’s work.


Did you know our founder, Jim Masterton, kick-started the trend of knock down rebuild in Australia?


#2 Save time and money


It’s not a secret that when it comes to knock down rebuild cost calculators, generally you’ll end up spending less than you would with a reno. That’s because, when you knock down rebuild, you’ll have a better idea of budget up front. Since you’ll be starting from scratch, there won’t be any crazy surprises. Not only that, but with Masterton, you’ll be entitled to free site inspections as well as amazing inclusions packages like our Ultimate Inclusions and Evolve Inclusions.


If you work full-time or are raising a family, you probably don’t want to be spending every moment of free time picking up tools and attempting DIY reno jobs to save money. Not only will this eat into your time, but it could compromise the workmanship of the home if you’re not an expert. When you knock down rebuild on the other hand, you’ll be able to maintain your lifestyle throughout the building period with minimal disruptions. Masterton will take care of all the complicated stuff for you, like negotiating with council and organising trades.


If you’ve enjoyed capital growth over the years, a new home on the same block will increase the value of your property. Not only that, but when you start adding up costs, you’ll soon realise that renovating could be A LOT more expensive than a knock down and rebuild.


It often surprises people to learn that knocking down your old house and building a new one is actually easier and generally cheaper per square metre than renovating your old home or building an extension. Not only that, but by unlocking the equity of your existing property, you can probably afford a new home sooner than you think.


#3 You get the dream location and the dream home


When you knock down rebuild, you get to have your cake and eat it too.


Once your new home is built, you’ll be able to move in, already knowing your neighbours, keeping your kids enrolled at the local school and sports clubs, and most importantly staying part of the community that you’ve grown with.


If you’re thinking of knock down rebuild get in touch at or call 1300 44 66 37. In the meantime, check out these amazing home designs.