Having revolutionised the building industry over 50 years ago, Masterton continues to be recognised as an industry leader, investing in cutting edge building materials and technologies as well as reinvigorating the market with innovative designs. When you build a Granny Flat with Masterton, we’re with you every step of the way. Advising you of ALL potential requirements upfront, because of our 90 day warranty period, our unsurpassed service extends well beyond the completion of your Granny Flat.

Granny Flats present a golden opportunity with RPG Valuers disclosing Granny Flats can add a premium of 20-30% of what it costs to build one. We keep the Granny Flat within the existing property so that it will be financially beneficial for resale, by building one of our Granny Flats you will add value to your property. With the innovation and flexibility of our designs, our Granny Flats are designed to suit your every need; whether you’re a first home buyer, if you’re parents wishing to stay close to your children, if you require a home office or just more space. Granny Flats also present the perfect opportunity for those wishing to supplement their income with a permanent or holiday rental yield. Basically for whatever you need, our Granny Flats have the flexibility to grow with you.

We have 60m squared base designs for the 3 most common backyard shapes; a square, a rectangle and an ‘L’ shape. These base designs are priced with our standard inclusions, giving you a starting price to set a budget for. This said, these 3 models are just a starting point for us to design a Granny Flat that will accommodate your needs. Every site is different and we understand that what suits one block does not work for all. We’re prepared to amend floor plan designs to create a Granny Flat that works in with your lifestyle and protects your privacy.

Under the SEPP Housing Code, a block of land is to be a minimum size of 450m squared. If this is not the case, we may be able to seek approval from the Local Council (subject to requirements). The SEPP Housing Code allows us approval from a Private Certifier instead of Local Council for a Complying Development Certificate. You are only permitted to build one Granny Flat per block of land.

You will need the following:

  • Dimensions of your block and the size
  • The size of your existing house
  • Sewer diagram for existing house
  • Recent Section 149(2) Planning Certificate from your Local Council

The above documents will get you started by allowing you to see:

  • The size of the granny flat that can be approved
  • How the granny flat can be sited on your block
  • The approval process we need to follow to get the best outcome for you
  • Sewer drainage point for your new granny flat (subject to approval from statutory authority).
  • A rough estimate for the project can be forecast at this stage so you can work out your budget

We’ve developed our granny flats using the same quality components as the houses that we build ensuring you will end up with a contemporary and timeless style dwelling.

Yes, however, we need to review your Section 149 Certificate, bushfire report and flood report (if applicable) before conducting a site inspection.