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How to get your house ready for guests

Having guests to stay is really exciting. It gives you a chance to catch up with family and friends who, because of distance you might not get to see that often. It’s also an opportunity to show off your Masterton home.

How to get your house ready for guests

But sometimes, it can also cause a little anxiety as you likely want everything to be just so. Here’s a few great tips our interior designers have come up with to get your home ready for guests.

#1 Spruce up the front entrance

While your Masterton home has an amazing and attractive façade you still need to maintain a tidy well-tended entrance which will let your guests feel welcomed. Add colour and soften your overall home appearance with potted plants. If you have room for seating in the front garden make sure it’s clean and comfy. Don’t forget to provide a welcome mat which is both a welcoming gesture as well as a practical one, allowing guests to wipe their shoes clean before entering the home. Having guests come to stay is a huge motivator to get all the little things you still haven’t gotten around to finish so make a list and get started.

#2 Clear the halls!

Declutter the entry area so there’s room for you to greet your guests as well as for them to bring in their luggage without tripping over furniture, shoes, bags or anything else. The front entry needs enough furnishings to signify the transition from outside to inside. Furnishings here can be minimal and decorative, but also practical, for example, if you want your guests to remove their shoes before entering the house, give them a place to store them.



#3 Keep the guest room simple and spacious

By keeping the guest room decorating simple you’ll allow it to be comfortable and welcoming but not over cluttered with items that guests won’t find useful. Make sure guests have room to make the space their home during their stay and have somewhere to rest their suitcases for unpacking. Clear table tops and dressers also allow guests to have a space to place their toiletries and other belongings they need daily access to. If you have spare clothes and other items in the wardrobe, make sure you move them over so guests have space to hang clothes and put their other bits and pieces away.




#4 Organise your bathroom

Your new Masterton home will have a functional bathroom that’s perfect for sharing with guests. It’s nice to provide guests with lotions, shower gel, toothpaste and other items they may not have thought to bring (or couldn’t fit in their suitcase). Make sure you not only provide them with towels and washcloths but also a place where they can hang them to dry.



#5 Light it up

Give your guests access to good lighting. Your new home will have great overhead lighting, however you’ll still need personal bedside lamps and perhaps a night light in the hallway so guests can read in bed and get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Come and walk through our Masterton display homes which are designed perfectly to welcome you and your guests!