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Cedar 4/4

Property Type Duplex


Perfect for a larger block of land, the Cedar 4/4 has both cozy comfort and plenty of spacious and open plan floorspace. Like the others in its series, the Cedar 4/4 also has the option for a combined primary residence and investment with a split design and does so in a way that aesthetically pleasing to all. The Cedar also has a gorgeous downstairs open plan living and dining area and upstairs all the private room with plenty of space for both communal and private living.

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Area (Sq M)


  • Lot Width 12.22


  • Stylish two storey duplex available in 3 or 4 bedroom combinations
  • Generously sized walk in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms in the master bedrooms
  • Large family and living rooms
  • Cost effective, adaptable design that ticks all the boxes
  • Ideally suited to long blocks
  • Presents an aesthetically appealing way to build a brand new home and cash in on the investment of a second dwelling on the site


Cedar 3/3

The double storey dwellings in this duplex delight from the moment you walk through their doors. Here you’ll be greeted by stylish entry foyers before being drawn into the sizeable living areas. From here the gorgeous open plan family, dining and kitchen spaces unfold.

Twin Oaks 4/3

The Twin Oaks is the perfect duplex for multigenerational families with one slightly more cosy unit. Making the most of available space, the ingenious Twin Oaks’ floor plan features large living and dining spaces with the addition of a family room that opens into a well appointed kitchen.

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