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Like a fine wine, the more you experience of the Grange the more amazing it becomes. Downstairs is designed for family living and entertaining with two amazing lounge areas, an open plan...
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Grange 2
This gorgeous and large two story house in the Grange range will give you the impression that you’ve been transported to a remote vineyard property no matter where you are. With gorgeous quality wooden flooring throughout...
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Grange 3
With so much to explore of this gorgeous and large home, the Grange 3 has all of the room and utility you could possibly desire from an upscale design. Whether you are entertaining outside, or inside from the large...
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Manhattan 30
As stylish as the Upper East Side the Manhattan caters for families and busy lifestyles. The kitchen is at the centre of the home and from there flow the multiple...
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Manhattan 34
You don’t need to enter New York, New York to get a slice of style with the Manhattan 34. The floral interior design offsets the large bedrooms and master suit fitted with a large balcony and even a downstairs...
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Manhattan 39
The Manhattan 39 combines a wholesome feel with enough practically for to suit your needs. The house is fitted with large rooms and a large alfresco area including plenty of outdoor seating and a very generous master bedroom...
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Merlot Elite
The Merlot, like its namesake, is luxurious and elegant. When you enter the home you are drawn into the open plan living area which flows onto an alfresco space - perfect for entertaining.
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When you enter the home you’ll be drawn through to its heart where you’ll find a well-appointed kitchen to make even the most seasoned of master chefs jealous.
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Sanctuary Elite
True to its name, this home will truly feel like a sanctuary which you may feel you never want to leave! The Sanctuary Elite comes fitted not just with five large bedrooms but with a large master bedroom...
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Sanctuary Elite Guest
Similar to the others in its range, the Sanctuary Elite Guest comes with an extra guest room in addition to a smaller multipurpose room. Like the others in the Sanctuary range, the Sanctuary Elite Guest also...
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Santorini Entertainer 41
The Santorini creates the atmosphere of a five star resort so you’ll feel like your on holidays every time you walk through your front door.
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Santorini MK1
The Santorini MK1 features the luxury suitable for a getaway home or your grand private residence. With a bright and open design, the Santorini MK1 is versatile with possibilities of multiple usages for all of the rooms.
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