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The Shiraz, like its namesake, is dynamic and versatile - perfect for those seeking luxury without compromise. It has all the features one could ask for including...
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Shiraz Elite
No matter where you are the Shiraz Elite will make you feel like you’re constantly living in a personal beachside retreat. Thanks to its perfect combination of light and functional design with a bohemian touch...
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Synergy 29
Like it’s name suggests this home masterfully combines all the best features Masterton is famous for and puts them under the same roof to create the perfect synergy.
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Synergy 32
Using only the best materials, the Synergy 29 will make the absolute best of every possible home experience. The house is fitted with an elegant open space kitchen area with and privacy including four bedrooms...
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Synergy Premier
The Synergy Premier, like the other in Synergy range, is a luxurious double story house with plenty of options for tailoring the design experience to suit your desires. The room has two openings up onto the...
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The Tempus is a timelessly beautiful home that incorporates all the pleasures of modern living. The heart of the home is for family living and features a...
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Tempus Elite
With almost minimalist yet stylish functional design, the Tempus Elite is perfectly created to make the living and dining rooms as cosy as possible. The Tempus Elites uses well-placed breakaway walls...
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Tempus Exclusive
You’ll never feel cramped or wanting for space with a design like the Tempus Exclusive. The house includes an open plan living and dining room area which opens onto a very large alfresco area with lots of space...
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Tempus Grande 4 Bed
The smaller of the Tempus series but not lacking any of the original upscale allure, the Tempus Grande 4 packs just as much of a punch. Walk through the open plan living and dining room easily situated just across...
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Tempus Grande 5 Bed
Slightly larger than the Tempus Grande 4 Bed, the Tempus Grande 5 is perfect if you need that extra room either as an extra bedroom or another purpose such as an additional home office. The Tempus series has...
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Tempus Premier
As part of the Tempus range, you can expect the Tempus Premier to be a timelessly beautiful home, incorporating all the pleasures of modern living.
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Villina 28
Our most popular double storey home, the Villina is sleek and sophisticated, perfect for the astute home buyer. The elegant lines of the modern kitchen will...
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