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Symphony Twin
With all the features you love about the Symphony, the Symphony Twin features an under roof granny flat with the option of separate entrances to both dwellings at the front of the home.
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Symphony Twin MBTF
The Symphony MBTF offers up more floor space than the cousin in its series, the Symphony Twin, and keeps all of the ergonomic value. The Symphony MBTF also comes with an under roof granny flat...
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Synergy Premier Twin (Option 1)
This popular two storey home can house an under-roof granny flat. With the option of separate entrances to both dwellings, the Synergy Premier Twin (Option 1) has all the privacy and home features anyone could ask for.
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Synergy Premier Twin (Option 2)
The Synergy Premier (Option 2) though across the board has the same luxuries and comforts whether you look at the large dining and kitchen or the large upstairs living room. This house is ideal for...
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Synergy Premier Twin (Option 3)
The Synergy Premier Twin (Option 3) houses even more bedrooms and more space than the other two in its range meaning that its perfect to host an even larger family or you can use the extra room for a study or guest room.
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Synergy Premier Twin (Option 4)
The Synergy Premier Twin (Option 4) is a perfect way to add some additional income onto a new property or house multigenerational families with an under roof granny flat. The Synergy Premier Twin 4 is...
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Villina Twin (Option 1)
The Villina has all of the homely charms you would expect from a larger double story home and like the others in its series it also hosts an under roof granny flat. The Villina Twin 1 is perfect for...
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Villina Twin (Option 2)
A very popular series, the Villina Twin 2, hosts slightly less floor space than the Twin 1 but doesn’t compromise on luxurious comforts and space. Like the others in its series, the Villina Twin 2 also...
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Villina Twin (Option 3)
With more space and extra room, the Villina Twin 3 is a larger home in its series meaning not only can you use the homes built-in granny but you also have an extra room for any purpose you desire.
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Villina Twin (Option 4)
The Villina Twin combines all the extra advantages of the Villina series being both a built-in under roof granny flat and an additional room to make a six bedroom house or for anything else and a nouveau...
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Aspen 3/3
As gorgeous as its namesake, both units in the Aspen duplex are warm and inviting. When you enter the dwellings you are greeted by generous living areas which are complemented by the open plan living areas at the back of the homes that feature
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Aspen 4/4
Designed perfectly for creating a stylish combination of both primary residence and an investment property or just a residence for a larger family, the Aspen 4/4 is larger than the Aspen 3/3 with an extra room...
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