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Tempus Elite

Property Type Double Storey

Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Timeless Facade
Timeless Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Vibe Facade
Vibe Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Traditional Facade
Traditional Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Metro Facade
Metro Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Esteem Facade
Esteem Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Edge Facade
Edge Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Edge Facade
Edge Facade
Masterton Homes Tempus Elite Allure Facade
Allure Facade


With almost minimalist yet stylish functional design, the Tempus Elite is perfectly created to make the living and dining rooms as cosy as possible. The Tempus Elites uses well-placed breakaway walls to separate the home office and living areas with a gorgeous fitted fireplace for colder nights. The master bedroom is a very large one in the two story range including an ensuite, dressing area and walk in wardrobe as well as three other privately located bedrooms.

Tempus Elite on display at Warwick Farm with Edge Facade.
Tempus Elite on display at Thornton with Timeless Facade.

Area (Sq M)


  • Total Area 348.16
  • Squares 37.48
  • Garage 34.61
  • Porch 8.45
  • Lot Width 12.40
  • Ground Floor Living Area 146.04
  • First Floor Living Area 153.89
  • Ground Floor Width 12.40
  • Ground Floor Depth 17.36
  • First Floor Width 11.66
  • First Floor Depth 17.36
  • Balcony 5.17


  • Front lounge room and a home theatre—both of which have been designed for multiple room usage
  • All doorways concealed from entrance of home
  • Grouping of the service area—which includes a powder room, under stair storage, a laundry and a walk in pantry or a butler’s pantry
  • Vaulted ceiling in the family living area
  • 1.2m wide stairs with 200 thick blade wall for recessed lighting and extended landing at the foot of the stairs

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Tempus Exclusive

You’ll never feel cramped or wanting for space with a design like the Tempus Exclusive. The house includes an open plan living and dining room area which opens onto a very large alfresco area with lots of space…

Tempus Premier

As part of the Tempus range, you can expect the Tempus Premier to be a timelessly beautiful home, incorporating all the pleasures of modern living.


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