Hall of frame – how art makes your house a home

A house isn’t a home until you can make it your own – and a big part of that is adorning your space with art and photographs.

Hall of frame – how art makes your house a home

That’s why the interior designers and the handy people at Masterton put their heads together to come up with these 6 tips on the best way to hang frames.

#1 Be safe

Take care when using ladders and keep tools and adhesives out of reach of children and pets.



#2 Lost in space

Find where you want to display your frame – considering both aesthetic and preservation factors. For aesthetics you should make sure the centre of the picture is at an average eye level. When choosing to hang artworks it’s best to locate a position where there is a wall stud as it means the frame will be more secure. To find wall stud you can rap your knuckles along the wall until you hear there is a solid backing. You can also you can use an electronic stud finder. If you have a lighter frame, adhesive wall hooks or a nail could be an option. You should also consider keeping your art away from direct sunlight, heat sources and humid areas.

#3 Get framed

Remember when it comes to wall hangings size is important – choose smaller frames for smaller spaces and visa versa. To make artwork and photos pop choose neutral colours for your frames. If you want to make a statement you can go with sculpted or metallic finishes or choose frames of different sizes and colours to give the space an eclectic look. You can jazz up a plain space by creating a wall display – hanging photos or artworks together in a clever way to tell a story. Remember also that your art doesn’t have to be in a straight line and that by lifting the art level you can give the room height. Or make your room look longer by repeating the same art.

#4 Trick or treat

You can also open space by using mirrors, brighten a room by using them to reflect light and also reflect artworks. When using art to fill up a nook or a niche, make sure it fills up the space. Another trick the Masterton Interior designers use is to make art look like an extension of furniture.

#5 The wire

The hanging wire of a frame should not be seen so measure and test this out before tightening the wire through eye screws. Eye screws should be placed on either side of the frame about a third of the way from the top.

#6 Nail it

To make sure you position your frame correctly mark the wall where you want the top of the frame with pencil- you may need to use a ladder. Then holding the wire on the back of the frame up with your finger, measure the distance to the pencil mark and mark the spot where the wire will hang. This is where the picture hook will be nailed into the wall. Then comes the best part – hanging your frame! Step back and admire your handy work (and the art of course!).

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