How new home builders can set up a home office

Remote work is now a worldwide trend. It means setting up a home office isn’t just a perk but a necessity for new home builders. Creating an inspiring home office that’s not only functional but beautiful is a priority in getting perfect work-life balance. Luckily as custom home builders in Sydney we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can carve out your remote work nook and be inspired to jump into work every day.

How new home builders can set up a home office

Why put so much effort into your home office?

An inspiring home office will give you a reason to rush into work, and you’ll feel better about working long hours to accomplish your targets. You’ll be more productive and you’ll save time and money on commuting and lunch outings. Plus if designed right, this space will make it easy to flow from work to free time.

#1 Location is key

As new home builders, we’re all about creating the perfect space for you within our floor plans and that includes room for your home office.

To set up a home office, you’ll want to choose a home with a dedicated room or breakout area. Having a spare room/study gives you the liberty of creating shelving, adding a large desk, and building storage that easily stores your files, printer, and all things related to remote work. But break out areas can work just as well, just like the home office we’ve designed in the Harmony Exclusive.

#2 Measure out your dream office space

Take into account how much space you need to feel comfortable and get your work done. Sketch out a simple plan to see how your ideal workspace can fit into your fave home design. Make sure to account for extra space for storage, an extra desk depending on who’s going to be using the space, shelving, and anything else you need. As top home builders, we’ve built a variety of custom-built workspaces in our display homes that can give you a little inspo. And with our home layouts, the work is already done for you. Simply choose the right floor plan, and you’re on your way.


#3 Give yourself more storage space

Take advantage of every inch in your office space and mount shelving that gives you double the storage. From bookcases to cabinets, you’ll have more space to work with, and an organised workspace for your files and other bits and bobs. Add a unique touch to your home office by incorporating repurposed furniture. From an old trunk to fabulous wooden nightstands, add a touch of creativity, by using these items to hold your printer or writing materials. Little bits of inspiration go a long way!

#4 All seats are not created equal

As much as you’d like your chair to fit in with your interior, make sure it first fits your body. Ergonomic seating is critical to a healthy posture and a comfortable home office—especially now that working from here is likely to be your new normal. Sitting at your computer for hours at a time takes a toll, so make sure your chair is incredibly comfortable. Think about incorporating colourful seating alternatives for guests, kids, or simply for yourself (like they say a change is as good as a holiday!). Adding a standing desk or a Bosu ball is a great way to not only make work more comfortable but keep your body active at the same time.

#5 Include some inspiration

Staying motivated and inspired all the time isn’t an easy feat. Make your home office inspiring by adding unique decor that resonates with you. Add a pinboard or a wire grid of memories, achievements, or simply things that inspire you to work every day. This is a great way to personalize your office, and it gives you the inspiration you need to constantly keep the big picture in mind.

Choose a colour palette that resonates with your personal style, and add furniture that makes you happy. This space will be your sanctuary for solving problems and working hard, so make sure you put in a lot of thought and preparation into it. The same goes for the small details. Add in touches of colour to office supplies and canisters, or add in pieces that intrigue you. Adding inspiration to your home office will work wonders for productivity. Pay rise here we come!