How to arrange your bedroom furniture so you can make it the most comfortable room in your home

Our home designs aim to make arranging furniture in your bedrooms easy. But there’s more to designing a bedroom than just finding space for a bed. That’s why we’ve put together these basic guidelines so you can create restful retreats for you and your family members.

How to arrange your bedroom furniture so you can make it the most comfortable room in your home

The master suite

At Masterton, our master suites are designed to be spacious and airy, with all the features you could want in your dream home.

In all our designs, the master bedroom has enough space to fit a queen or king sized bed. Either side of the bed, matching bedside tables will give you some extra storage and provide the perfect place to perch a reading lamp.

A large rug in the master suite will help anchor the space, especially if you opt to have floorboards in your bedrooms rather than carpet. A dresser and a chair opposite the bed gives the room a sophisticated and elegant air as well as providing a practical space to get ready and store things you need at hand.

If you still feel you have a lot of space, a long bench at the foot of the bed is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient.

The other bedrooms

All of our Masterton bedrooms have enough space for a queen bed and have plenty of built in wardrobe storage.

If you have kids who need a desk in their room, there’s usually enough space for this too. While we don’t love the idea of pushing a bed against the wall, try leaving as little room as possible on one side—this will allow for more space on the other for a larger desk. You can then place one bedside table against the wall or add a floating shelf which works perfectly in tight corners.


Other considerations

When arranging your bedroom furniture, make sure you consider the location of windows, doors (and the direction they open), the room’s dimensions and the measurement of your furniture. It’s best if you place large furniture first and then organise the smaller furniture you require after this.

You can come and check out the way we organise furniture and style the bedrooms in our display homes by visiting us at one of our display home locations.