How To Choose Colour For Your New Build Home Like A Pro

Let’s face it. When most of us build a new home the thing we’re most excited about is choosing those finishing touches, like tiles and bench tops and paint colour. It’s exciting because it’s how you’ll set the tone of your home and make it all yours.

How To Choose Colour For Your New Build Home Like A Pro

But it’s not all fun and games. Colour is a serious business. It affects our moods and thoughts and actually has the power to visually alter the dimensions of a room. That’s why when you’re designing your new home build interiors it’s so important to choose the right shades and combinations. Sound daunting?

Well luckily, our expert Colour Consultants have come up with these 7 tips so you can choose colour for your new build home like a pro.

#1 Pick paint colours you love

It might sound obvious, but the best place to start is with a colour you love. A colour that will help create a new home to make you happy, even as trends come and go. With that in mind you also need to consider the psychological effects of colour. For example, red raises energy levels so might not be the best choice for a bedroom.

When choosing paint colours don’t forget about the ceiling. As a general rule, ceilings that are darker than the walls feel lower while those that are lighter feel higher. Similarly, the darker the wall colours the cosier and more intimate the room looks, while lighter colours make a space feel more open. The Eclipse Duplex display home at Warwick Farm is a perfect example of both options. While one side is styled with light neutrals for a natural, light and airy look, the other uses darker colours to create a more moody, sophisticated atmosphere.


#2 Don’t just think about wall colours

You can always repaint but flooring and fixed features such as benches, cupboards, wall tiles and splash backs are forever—or at least, more permanent and a lot more expensive to replace. Lucky for you, our inclusions make choosing the flooring for your new build home so much more simple (and they’re tough to beat, take our Value Check Challenge to see why!).

#3 Look at paint colours in a different light


Once you’ve made some colour selections, view each in different lights—light bulbs reflect different hues, as does the sunshine. See how the colours look in the morning and afternoon light, keeping in mind the time of day your home will get the most natural light. We use Taubmans paint, so we recommend that before you get to your colours stage of building your new home, pop into your local hardware or paint store and grab some samples.

#4 Create a blank canvas

If in doubt choose neutral colours for your new build home. You can always spice things up by choosing more colourful and patterned furnishings like throws and cushions, lift the space with art and wall hangings and create interest with lighting fixtures. These items are much more easily (and cheaply) replaced rather than painting all your walls again, lifting tiles or changing the cabinetry. Beautiful, white and coastal, the Overture Exclusive is the perfect example of how neutrals, in this case white on white, can often be the best choice.

Remember too, it’s the little things like a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit that will add extra life and personality to the rooms in your new build home.



#5 Repeat Colours

You know when you walk into a home and things just seem to flow? Chances are the place has been styled by choosing two or three of the same colours which are repeated in each room. For example, the colour of your kitchen splash back could be reflected in the family room by choosing the same shade of sofa.

#6 Think about the way colours make you feel

Warm colours are usually more energising while cool colours tend to be more tranquil. Colours that appear close together on the colour wheel will make for calmer rooms while those further apart not only complement each other, but can be used to create drama.

#7 Look to nature to get inspired

What could be more liveable than a colour palette made up of earthy natural colours inspired by the sea or the bush? Take inspiration from the natural world and create flow through your home from the outside in.

To get some serious colours inspo before your colour consultation, make sure you come check out our home designs at one of our display centres!