How to choose new furniture for your new home

You’ve just bought your new Masterton home. You might have had your colours meeting, or maybe you’re already in construction. But whatever stage you’re at we bet you’re dreaming of the new furniture you get to decorate your rooms with.

Here’s what our interior designers had to say about choosing new furniture for your new home—furniture that will look stylish, that is, but won’t break the bank.

How to choose new furniture for your new home

A huge investment

Building a new home is one of the biggest investment decisions you’ll ever make and it’s also one of the most rewarding.

When you move into to your new place you’ll want to furnish it with pieces that are going to compliment all the amazing finishes your Masterton home has to offer.

For big furniture purchases, classic pieces built to last are the best bet. It means you’re not spending big bucks on something that’s trendy now but won’t be chic in a couple of year’s time.

It’s all about the research

If you choose quality furniture, chances are it’s going to last for ages. That means you need to love it so you don’t tire of looking at it (or sitting/sleeping on it).

Just like you researched the best design home for you and your lifestyle, the same applies for choosing furniture. The more research you do and the more you think about what style of décor you love, the easier it will be to make good decisions.

Once you’ve got an understanding of the style of furnishings you like and which will best suit your new Masterton home, you can start looking at your floor plan and figuring out how best to use your rooms. This will help you decide which pieces to spend more money on as well as identifying where you can save money too.

We do advise to wait till you move in to buy any major pieces to make sure they fit your space.

Furniture you sit and sleep on

The furniture that ‘bears weight’ in your home is probably the most important, so it makes sense that these should be good quality. You want something that’s made well so it will last, but more importantly, remain comfortable over time.

When it comes to your main lounge, think about the way you’re going to use it. Do you sit upright? Do you lay down? Do you want to put your feet up? Whatever way is right for you make sure you try the position in the showroom. It’s no point perching on the end of a lounge and deciding on something that’s not comfortable for the way you are going to use it.

Same for choosing your bed and mattress. Lay down on it, spread out, make sure it’s going to suit.


Where to save money

The smaller decorative pieces such as coffee tables, throw cushions, lamps, side tables and rugs are all places where you can save money. These items don’t need to be durable long term, but rather, are there to help give the room personality. By saving on these items it means you can feel free to upgrade in a shorter time span, keeping your interior design fresh and up to date.

At Masterton we follow these principals when designing the interiors of all our homes so why not come and have a walk through to get some ideas today?