How to choose the right sized coffee table

Just like Goldilocks discovered, things that are ‘just right’ are often the best. And this is very true when it comes to choosing the size of your coffee table. Whether it’s for your current home or if your just looking for some inspiration for when your new home build is complete, we’ve got a few tips and tricks.

How to choose the right sized coffee table

Too small

A coffee table that’s too small will not only look out of proportion, but won’t function properly. It means the people at each end of your lounge will have to do some serious stretching to reach their cup of tea or pick up a book. Not only that, but it’s likely that this small table will be completely covered with accessories. You’ll hardly have room for a coaster, let alone a space to put your feet up. As a general rule if a coffee table is under two thirds the length of your lounge, it can begin to throw the whole room off balance.

Too big

It’s clear that society is beginning to realise that bigger isn’t always better. This is completely true when it comes to coffee tables.

An oversized coffee table can overpower a room, competing with other furniture rather than complimenting it. A coffee table that’s too large leaves little space for foot traffic and often gives you no space to stretch your legs across the floor. Not only that but your accessories can seem very lost with all that surface space.

Just right

Like Goldilocks would tell you, if it feels ‘just right’ then it probably is.

The right sized coffee table is substantial enough to anchor the furnishings around it and yet does not take up so much space that it blocks traffic flow. The accessories will decorate the tabletop in a way that doesn’t make it look crowded and that also leaves space for functional objects such as a cup and coaster. As a general rule the perfect sized coffee table would span about two-thirds the length of the sofa.

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