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How to create the right mood for your home with scent

Scent is a powerful thing and our sense of smell is the one most tied to memory and emotion. In fact, new research suggests that as much as 75% of all emotion generated every day are due to smell. Since the olfactory nerve is linked to the part of the brain monitoring memories and emotions it means scent has a huge impact on mood and concentration as well as making it easier to make long lasting memories.

It makes sense then that scent plays such an important role in the styling of your home.

Ways to diffuse scent throughout the home

People have realised for a long time, on a personal level at least, that scent makes a huge difference to their mood. It goes without saying then that there are many ways to include scent in your interior styling and can include:

  • Candles
  • Oil burners and diffusers
  • Incense
  • Fresh flowers
  • Plants
  • Dried herbs and flowers
  • Cooking and baking
  • Grinding coffee beans

What scents create what moods?

Some scents and the moods they create are:

  • Cedar wood – with its woody, warm aroma, cedar wood evokes feelings of strength and making people feel centred.
  • Cinnamon – warm and spicy cinnamon makes your space feel homey.
  • Citronella – revitalising and effective against mosquitos, this is the perfect scent for your alfresco spaces.
  • Citrus – in living spaces or anywhere you want to feel uplifted, citrus scents are ideal. Linked to energy flavours you can look out for include lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, orange or verbena.
  • Cloves – similar to cinnamon, cloves can help create a warm and comforting atmosphere in the home.
  • Ginger – warm and uplifting
  • Lavender – soothing and calming, lavender has been proven to help reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, soothe muscles and help you sleep.
  • Lemongrass – fresh and earthy, lemongrass can be calming and relaxing as well as invigorating and inspiring.
  • Mint, pine or eucalyptus – these scents are cheerful and clean, uplifting and motivating. Of the minty scents peppermint is hugely popular with people associating it with Christmas and happy times. Spearmint on the other hand is more refreshing.
  • Romantic scents – Jasmine, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Rose and other floral woody scents lend a wistful, romantic feel to your space.
  • Seasonal fragrances – capture the feelings of the season with scents, burning pumpkin spice in autumn and baked smells in winter. Cinnamon, apple, pear, berry and pine all create a cosy feel while fruity fresh smells like citrus, melon and cucumber are amazing for summer.
  • Vanilla – according to studies, vanilla promotes feelings of joy and happiness. A 2005 study found that when people smelt a vanilla bean it elevated their mood. It is a warm, comforting and homey scent.

You can find your perfect home to create the perfect mood in by visiting one of our display homes.