How to decide on the best home builder

Because building a new home is going to be one of the biggest things you do in your life and you want the best home builder by your side, whether you’re considering Knock Down Rebuild or on a new home site.

How to decide on the best home builder

We get it. It’s up there as one of the biggest things that you’ll ever decide to do. And so choosing the best home builder in Sydney to build your home is a tough decision. To get you started, here’s 8 questions you need to ask before deciding on the best home builder for you for your knock down rebuild or new home site. And just a little hint, we do both display and custom designs *wink wink*. In fact, we just took out a prestigious MBA award for one of our custom design homes.

#1 What kind of lifestyle do you lead?

Your lifestyle – or the kind you wish to lead #aspirations – is one of the most important things you need to think about when deciding on which display home builder or custom home builder to choose. All the best home builders in Sydney and NSW will be able to cater to what you’re looking for, but we all have individual styles.

Factors like whether or not you have children or whether you wish to expand on your family in the future will all determine the size of the home you’re looking for and how many bedrooms you need.

Multigenerational living is another thing to consider. We offer three kinds of duel living options including duplex homes and a granny flat range. These homes are designed to allow for independent and self-contained living and are perfect for children not yet ready to fly the nest, ageing grandparents or extended family. Think live-in babysitters! Not only that, but these homes are the perfect choice for astute investors, giving you the option of living in a beautiful new Masterton home while cashing in on the investment of a second dwelling on your site.

Do you like to spend more time indoors or outdoors? If your answer is indoors then you may need to think about investing in a home that has a private oasis or the potential of a parent’s retreat. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining and living then an alfresco area is a must. Alfresco areas are easily added to most Masterton floor plans so you can transition from indoor to outdoor living easily.

Don’t forget to take into account working from home especially now! Is it enough to have a media space if this is the case? Or do you need an extra room for a study or home office?


#2 How long are you planning to live in this home?

Most of the time, when you’re looking for the best home builder, you’ll be looking for a home you plan on living in for a very long time. It means you need to think about choosing a new home builder who can design a home that doesn’t just suit you now, but one that will adapt to you and your family’s needs in the future.

If you’re looking at the home as an investment then perhaps a home and land package is the way to go. Masterton’s new Home and Land Centre gives you exclusive access to land and housing packages at the best prices in the best locations.

#3 Are you the kind of person who has time for maintenance?

We bet your answer was no! And while our homes come with all the bells and whistles—so all you have to do is move in, this question needs to be considered when thinking about your landscaping options. Low maintenance plants and paved areas to reduce the amount of lawn you need to mow can make a huge difference to the time you’re spending on working bees at the weekend. It means you’ll have more time to unwind, fire up the barbie and crack open that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving in the fridge all week.

#4 Have you considered each space in the floor plan?

Look for floor plan designs that include spaces that can be multi-purpose. A playroom at one time that can be converted into a home office when the kids hit high school. A multimedia room can transition into a yoga space when you become an empty nester.

Think about the little things like where you’ll likely want power points throughout the home – this is a decision you’ll eventually have to make and it helps to start deciding early on.


#5 Have you thought about how energy efficient you want your new home to be?

While the best home builder’s homes are designed to be energy efficient, there are a few ways you can increase their effectiveness, help the environment and save money too!

Think about adding your own extras such as double-glazed windows or solar panels. If you decide to build one of our display homes, your new homes consultant can help you decide on a floor plan to suit your block’s solar orientation.

To save even more energy on your lighting, check out our limited time offer that we’ve added to our Ultimate Inclusions. You’ll get 30 downlights included… and with LED bulbs, this is the most efficient way to go! And what about water tanks? Lucky for you, rainwater tanks are now included as standard with Masterton Ultimate Inclusions and Evolve Inclusions.

#6 Have you looked at our packages?

One of the reasons people say we’re the best home builders in Sydney and NSW is because of our amazing packages. Free site inspections like the ones we provide, save you a whole heap of money. Inclusions packages can turn your house into a home instantly. Like we’ve been saying, choosing the best new home builder is tricky. But we’re so confident in the value of our Ultimate Inclusions, we dare you to compare with our Value Check Challenge.

#7 What’s your style?

Your style becomes more important when you begin choosing the finishing touches of your home. And we’re not just talking about paint colours!

It’s really important to think about the things that are harder to change. Like tile choices, flooring options and bench surfaces. When it adds up, these decisions can end up costing you a lot of money.

Again, this is where inclusions come in. While there are a lot of top home builders in Sydney and NSW, we’ve got relationships with some of the best suppliers in the business. As part of this, you’ll get quality tiles, a choice of floorboards, carpet, cabinet doors, freestanding baths, stylish tapwear, ducted air conditioning and a bunch more.

Also consider the practicality of your choices. For example, white carpet may look dreamy but it’s probably not the best choice if you have young children.

#8 Are you going to visit a home display village?

There’s no better way to see which is the best home builder for you than to visit a home display centre. Nothing beats actually walking around our homes to get a feel for a new home builder’s designs.

Do you have any more questions you need to ask us directly? Visit one of our home display centres and speak to us about choosing the best home builder for you.