How to make the most of transitional spaces in your new build home

Yes we’re talking entries, hallways and those cosy little nooks made for rainy days in your new build home.

A spacious home is a happy home. And when we say spacious we mean a house with a well-designed floorplan that makes every part of your home functional and gives you the room you need, without the clutter. But even with the best home builders in Sydney on your side, the choice of what to do with those traditionally transitional spaces in your new build home can be a little tricky. So we asked some of our luxury home builders and our interior designers for their tips on how to make the most of the spaces between our rooms.

How to make the most of transitional spaces in your new build home

Create a launch pad for busy families

Whether your family is being launched into a day of work and school or arriving home to launch straight to the couch, the entrance hallway is the perfect place for a launch pad for busy families. This often neglected space is meant to be welcoming and inviting to both guests and everyone living in the home. Avoid the dreaded accumulation of shoes, coats, keys and post by adding a dresser or chest for storage. Think about floating shelves or installing hanging hooks.

Look for storage bins, colourful containers or woven baskets to organize clutter and while at the same time, adding to the aesthetic of your home. Small additions such as an umbrella stand and a chalk board for family announcements make a huge impact on adding warmth and a united family feel to your home (plus it means you’ll always know where your brolly is before you step out the door!).

Make a work space

Make the most of your transitional spaces by using them to create a work space. With all the changes we’ve had when it comes to working and schooling from home lately, this couldn’t be more relevant!

Whether you’ll be working in this space or using it for your hobbies, this area should be set up as a creative outlet. Add in a narrow desk and seating as well as some minimalistic floating shelves or cabinetry. It’s the perfect way to get the bills paid, complete small work tasks and help the kids out with their homework. Make sure you can comfortably walk through and keep the visible clutter at a minimum.

Light it up

Good lighting can make all the difference, and having elegant and adequate lighting makes a home more comfortable and welcoming.  Keep hallways and small transitional areas well lit, or add decorative lights that to create visual interest. Use recessed lights or wall sconces for smaller areas, and think about pendant lights for areas that are larger. Most importantly, focus on natural light and make sure you uncover any windows from heavy coverings in the day. There’s nothing better than natural lighting in a home!


Add a nook

Sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a favourite nook with a good book (or maybe your insta feed) and a cup of tea (or wine). By simply adding comfortable seating to a transitional area, you immediately create a comfortable nook for reading, relaxing, or simply daydreaming and forgetting what you were doing to begin with.

Depending on the space of your nook, you can add small seating options for private conversations, or create a small self-serve bar to entertain guests. For book lovers, creating a small library would be perfect for quick access and storage of your favourite reads.

Create your own chic art gallery

Have some favourite art pieces that you’d love to see more often? Add them to your transitional spaces to so you can be inspired as you move around the house.

Use the laundry

Often forgotten until your dirty clothes need to be washed, the laundry is a perfect space for transformation. With outdoor access, it can double as a perfect storage area for shoes, and coats that don’t fit your front entrance aesthetic. Build shelving for your linens and towels as well as other bits and bobs that don’t have a regular storage space. The laundry is a great place for storage as well as organising household cleaning products!

To give you more tips on how to style the transitional spaces in your new build home, visit one of our home display locations.