How to nail the Hamptons look in your new home (and 5 essentials that will make it easy)

It’s no secret that Hamptons interiors are having their moment and it’s not hard to see why. Cool, airy and postcard-pretty, it’s a look that new home builders are saying is here to stay. But how can you nail the Hamptons look in your new build home? Here’s our five fave essentials that’ll make it easy to bring the Hamptons to your interiors.


Start with a Hamptons colour palette

If you nail the Hamptons colour palette you’re already half way there to achieving the Hamptons look in your new home.

Think freshly painted white finishes, layered with neutrals in greys, creams and beiges.

Add a pop of colour to your new home with ocean inspired blues. Rich navies with warm creams are timeless, while a touch of duck egg and grey blue can add elegance to your interiors.

In our Hamptons style display home, the Harmony Exclusive, we used Taubmans Winter Ice on the main interior walls and at half strength on the ceiling. We added that ‘coastal freshness’ using Taubmans Crisp White on the skirting boards, architraves and doors while the oh-so-trendy feature panelling in the powder room has been painted in Taubmans Grey Bonnet

For the outside of your home, the same neutral palette applies. White with grey is a favourite combo of ours, accented by textured surfaces, like panelling and crisp trims just like the Hamptons façade on the newly opened Synergy Premier Twin at Warwick Farm.


Indoor/outdoor living

Alfresco living isn’t just a holiday thing, it’s a way of life.

The first rule of thumb is to think of your alfresco area as an extension of your home. Sorry guys, but that means trestle tables and camping chairs probably aren’t going to cut it!

When styling our Hamptons display home, we focused on giving the alfresco space an ‘outdoor room’ vibe to capitalise on the feeling of indoor/outdoor living. We imagined spending long, sun-drenched afternoons here, entertaining family and friends.

To get the look we used rattan chairs, a built-in bench seat, a BBQ, and, our fave feature, an outdoor fireplace.

And just because it’s the outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t style your space with the same lux vibes as your interiors. Think plump cushions in washed linens, pretty patterns, natural fibres and a killer dining table. 

Style your new home with natural materials

We often get asked how we used all those neutral colours in our Hamptons home WITHOUT it looking washed out. And the answer is, creating delicious depths of texture in your interior with natural fibres and materials.

Think stone washed linens, rattan and timber.

For a true Hamptons look, go for timber look floorboards to give off that effortless coastal feel. Layer up with rugs in natural fibres and woven textures. For carpet in bedrooms, we recommend neutral tones and earthy textures that evoke sandy shores, seagrasses and driftwood.

In our Hamptons home, timber flooring against white cabinetry is a key look, especially in the kitchen. We accented this with black hardware and iron pendant lights, which, also enhance the raked ceiling and skylights.

Lush furnishings

Taking inspo from the dreamy holiday homes of upstate New York, Hamptons styling is all about lush furnishings.

When styling the Harmony Exclusive, our design team used casual plaids to give the space warmth, while the classic wall panelling provides the perfect backdrop for the sumptuous furnishings.

A window seat, overstuffed armchairs, textured throws and plush cushions in soft neutrals capture the relaxed vibes of Hamptons style, while also adding a touch of cosy for those chilly afternoons.

Natural light

For the true summery Hamptons look, throw open the doors to your new home and let the light come flooding in!

The first thing to do before you even start building, is talk to your [new homes consultant (add contact?)] about the solar orientation of your block. This way you can organically maximise natural light when building your new home.

High ceilings are also a great way to make your space feel bright and airy. In the open plan living areas of our Hamptons home we’ve added a raked ceiling and skylights.

Other styling tips to increase natural light include:

  • using sheer curtains,
  • avoid placing large furnishings near windows
  • use the lightest shade for your ceiling. We used Taubmans Winter Ice, the same colour paint as the walls, but at half strength for the ceiling.

Take me to the Hamptons!

With these five, essential style tips you’ll nail Hamptons interiors in your new home just like a pro. And if you want to take a trip to the Hamptons in the meantime? Visit our Hamptons style home, the Harmony Exclusive at our Warwick Farm display centre and while you’re there, check out our new Hampton’s façade on the Synergy Premier Twin.

How to nail the Hamptons look in your new home (and 5 essentials that will make it easy)