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How to style cushions like a pro

While at some time in your life you’ve probably been part of a ‘great cushion debate’ with one side arguing that cushions are useless, there’s a reason cushions are prized by interior stylists.

Nothing beats the cosiness cushions add to a space and the ease with which they can inject personality, colour and new life into a home.  But choosing cushions and deciding how to arrange them can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this guide so you can style cushions like a pro.

Create cohesion with colour

The biggest stress when it comes to choosing cushions is that they won’t match your space.

The first thing you need to do is to identify your colour palette. The trick to doing this is to draw on existing colours you want to highlight, ones that compliment artwork, furniture or other homewares you want to showcase. Bold prints can look good if they pair with artwork, rugs or occasional chairs. The look can be drawn together by introducing a block coloured cushion, say, in velvet that ties into the main colour palette of the room.

A monochromatic colour scheme can be a good way to start working with cushions as you can add one or two tones to find out what works for you and the room.

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Play with texture and pattern

We are not only visual creatures but tactile ones, so playing around with texture is really important when it comes to introducing soft furnishings like cushions to your space. On the other hand, patterns add visual cues to a space and can lift a room giving it personality. Here are some tips to add both texture and patterns into your styling:

  • Linen is in right now and looks amazing in both contemporary and more classic styles of decorating
  • If you don’t want to mix too many colours, but you want to add interest and variety, you can choose one shade in a few different patterns.
  • Bold prints and matching colours are also on trend and we love this look especially for your alfresco spaces.
  •  Velvet, embroidered materials and fur scatters are also big right now, creating a luxe feel and creating interest by introducing different textures to your furnishings.
  • Knitted cushion covers in earthy and neutral hues are currently trending and can add a homemade, cosy feel to your space


No matter how beautiful your cushions are if they’re not arranged properly, they can lose their effect. There are plenty of ways to arrange them including:

  • Layering – on the lounge, your cushion arrangement will involve layering as will cushion decoration on the bed
  • You can arrange cushions on the sofa in many ways including a double sided arrangement with and even number of cushions in each corner, an odd number of cushions in each corner, cushions layered across the sofa or in the middle in varying sizes, a balanced cushion arrangement across the sofa creating symmetry and the list goes on! The best way to decide which style is right for you is to view sources like Pinterest for inspiration or come and visit one of our display centres.
  • Similarly, there are so many options when deciding how to arrange cushions on the bed so it’s best to decide what look you like and buy cushions accordingly.

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  • For armchairs, one cushion is usually sufficient decoration
  • If you want to give the room a new feel you can always change the orientation of your existing cushions.

Decide how many cushions to add to your space

Choosing the number of cushions you want to decorate with will depend on your decorating style and personality. If you are more flamboyant in style then think generous, abundant and luxurious. If you are traditional then an even number of cushions may be the choice for you while odd numbers can look more carefree and eclectic. Remember not to overcrowd—you still want to be able to sit on your sofa—but too few cushions can look a little cold. Again it’s a good idea to look for inspiration online, in interior magazines or at our display homes before deciding how many cushions to choose.

Get comfy

Decide what inners you want your cushions to be made of. Some choices include:

  • Feather or down – these mould to your body and have a soft pillow feel. Look for varieties where the feather or down is sourced ethically.
  • Wool – creates a snuggled up feeling as they are warm and cosy
  • Micro cluster fibre – a synthetic filling that are luxurious and have a soft to medium feel
  • Hollow Fibre – another manmade material that is medium to firm to feel and creates plump cushions

To come and see how we use cushions to decorate our amazing display homes visit one of our display locations today.