How to use pinterest to inspire home design

When you walk into our interior design department the team is constantly organising their inspirations—from images to fabrics, patterns to tiles—ensuring each home they decorate retains the fresh, comfortable feel we’re famous for.

How to use pinterest to inspire home design

With pinterest you can do the same, easily streamlining digital versions of your inspirations—here’s how.

What is pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows you to create virtual pin boards. You are then able to fill these boards with inspirational images either sourced on the site, online or from your desktop. It helps you to keep track and categorise all your design ideas allowing you to share them with your followers. You can also create private boards just for you.

All aspects of our homes combine to create an atmosphere we interact with every day. That’s why it’s important for them to change, grow and adapt as we do. Pinterest is a great way to get all your ideas together before committing to a theme or design plan.

Follow pinners whose style resonates with you

The best place to start is by thinking about where your design inspiration comes from in the first place. Is there a blogger whose design advice blows your mind or a magazine you cherish as your interiors bible? Check if they’re on pinterest and follow them, then have a look at who they follow and where their pins come from.

To discover if you enjoy following another pinner, check out what they’ve been up to lately. If they have a collection of useful and attractive content you can follow them or select specific boards to follow. For example if you’re only interested in their pins on living rooms but not into their fashion choices you can simply select or unfollow individual boards based on your preferences.

Discover a wealth of design information you didn’t know was out there

The great thing about pinterest is that most pins link to the original source they came from whether that’s a designer or magazine website or a blog. This means by using pinterest and following links on pins you like, you’ll discover a whole world of information to give you even more inspiration. Which brings us to our next point.

Pin from the original source

When you find something you want to pin make sure it links back to the original source—or better yet pin it from this source in the first place. This makes it easier to find all the information later without having to dive through a rabbit warren of links (and allows you to give proper credit). To help you pin things from the original source when searching the internet install the pin it button into your browser.

Gather all kinds of pinspiration all year round

The options of categories are endless so you can create inspiration boards for each and every aspect of your dream home including boards for specific rooms, DIY instructions for projects you love, furniture ideas and even holiday and event decorating tips. Make sure you think through all the types of ideas you might want to organise your boards into so any time you see something that catches your eye you can add it to a category—ready for any future projects.

Use pinterest to prepare for your colour meeting

A great way to prepare for your colour meeting is to put together all the ideas you’ve gathered for your internal and external decorating and streamline them into a theme. This means when you go into your colour meeting you’ll be able to pick from the options with a clear idea of how the colours and textures will blend together. And with the pinterest app you can have all your pinspiration on hand to help you through the process.

To start you off on your pinspirational journey check out Masterton’s pinterest boards.