How to use the amazing storage spaces you never knew you had

When you move into your new Masterton home it’s a great opportunity to start afresh, clear out clutter and get rid of things you’ve held onto for years but completely forgot you even owned.

How to use the amazing storage spaces you never knew you had

But it doesn’t take long to begin accumulating new stuff so that’s why our Masterton interiors team got their heads together to think of some creative storage options that will keep your home as easy, breezy and beautiful as the day you moved in.

Under the Stairs

One of the most obvious storage solutions is under stair storage. At Masterton all of our two story homes come with the option of having a cupboard under the stairs. Install shelves, hooks and organisers to create an instantly functional space.

Look up

Think about extended shelving or cabinets that stretch all the way to the ceiling to maximise storage space. Just remember to keep a step ladder close by so you can access it.

Your kitchen bench

A kitchen bench is great for extra prep and eating space and a whole lot of other things. Most of the kitchen benches in the Masterton display homes have storage cupboards underneath and some even have decorative shelves for kitchen items, cookbooks and other knick knacks. If you do think you will need extra kitchen storage, consider looking at a floor plan which includes a walk pantry or, better yet, a butler’s pantry.

Behind the wardrobe door

With a few hooks, bars and hangers you can transform the back of your wardrobe door into extra storage space. It’s a great spot to organise jewellery, accessories or you outfit for the next day. Similarly you can transform the back of a kitchen cupboard to hang things like a spice rack, aprons and tea towels both out of sight and at the ready.

Maximise space under the sink

For deep cabinets, install pull out shelves so you can get to everything at the back of the space. Lazy Susan’s are a great idea for easy access while stacking platforms help if the space is tall. Half circle shelves are also an option for beneath the sink.

Kill two birds with one piece of furniture

Incorporate storage into essential furniture items. A coffee table with a storage compartment can hide magazines, books, games, electronics and remotes. A kid’s bed with drawers underneath makes packing toys away easy, while a front entry table can store gloves, hats and essential paperwork while also making the space feel more homey.

In the garage

The perfect place to store everything you need for the outdoors and your vehicles. Install wall mount cabinets and keep everything organised off the floor. Cupboard doors are a good idea so loose items don’t ever roll off and hit your car. Racks can house anything from tools to shoes while bikes can be stored on wall mounts to maximise space.

Our new homes are built with storage space in mind so make sure you come and check out our display homes for more ideas today.