Interior styling of the award winning Tempus

The Masterton Tempus home design represents pure elegance – let’s take a look at the styling of this award winning exhibition home.

Interior styling of the award winning Tempus

Minimalist Styling

The minimalistic interior styling of the Tempus accentuates the most defining architectural features of the dwelling.

The monochromatic colour scheme starts from the outside and travels in, with textured timber finishes and selected design techniques that create flow and balance in the façade.

A mixture of brick, render and cladding supports and balances the external design.

First impressions

The first thing you notice when you enter the home are the beautiful concrete impression tiles that lend the entry colour and movement, guiding you all the way through to the alfresco area.

The colour finishes create a harmonious atmosphere which flows from the outside in with timber finishes and furniture pieces that complement each space.

The beautiful timber stained staircase leads you to the first floor and continues throughout this level and into the bedrooms, giving the space a warm and inviting ambiance.

By repeating the concrete tile throughout all the bathrooms, the tile becomes the hero of the space and allows the fixtures to shine. The horizontal windows in the master bedroom inspired the custom design bed which works beautifully with the dynamic elements of the architecture.

The layout

The spacious layout of the Tempus is flexible and can be easily altered to suit your lifestyle featuring a floor plan that allows for multiple room usages. The home office on the ground floor can easily be transformed into a theatre room or guest room. The under stair storage space can be converted to a wine cellar. By repositioning the powder room to the under stair area we can expand the pantry to maximise the kitchen space. The ideas are endless.

The living areas are an entertainer’s delight. The spaces are multi-functional, allowing for both privacy, large scale entertaining, as well as intimate family gatherings.



Our favourite elements of the Tempus award winning home design

  • The vaulted ceiling in the family room which gives height and classic elegance to the main part of the home
  • The fridge and the dishwasher are integrated into the kitchen design giving the space an uninterrupted finish
  • The kitchen sink is tucked away from the living area, separating the work space from the entertaining aspects of the kitchen. This in turn maximizes the functionality of the bench
  • Large fixed windows and timber battens create endless light and space
  • The convenience of the laundry chute located centrally for easy access
  • Custom design furniture pieces not only provide function but, due to their integration, enhance the architectural elements of the Tempus and allow for maximum usage of space.

Timeless elegance

The interior design of the Tempus focuses on each individual space, maximising functionality and comfort while utilising colour schemes that work cohesively with the overall layout of the home.

You can visit the award winning Tempus and check out the incredible interiors yourself at Warwick Farm.