Kitchen trends that are here to stay

Just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless. Here are some current kitchen trends which will stand the test of time. This the perfect time of your to get some inspiration for your new home build.

Kitchen trends that are here to stay

Open plan layout

Gone are the days when the kitchen was isolated from the rest of the home. These days the kitchen is the heart of the living space and at Masterton, the design of our homes reflect this.

The open plan kitchen design supports a casual, connected lifestyle with the seamless blending of living spaces. It means families can gather for informal dining as well as allowing for everyone to be involved in cooking—a trend becoming more popular especially since the rise of reality cooking shows.


Island benches

Tied into the trend of open plan kitchen layouts, island benches are becoming the norm. Island benches allow for more light to filter through the space, increase the intimacy of the kitchen and also provide coveted prep space for cooking.

Integrated appliances

Integrating appliances into surrounding cabinetry means they shift quietly into the background giving your kitchen clean, contemporary lines. If you have a favourite appliance (such as the Smeg freestanding cooker or other high end appliance that comes as part of one of our inclusion packages), you can make it stand out as a stylish statement piece.


White Done Right

White kitchens are classic, elegant and never go out of style. You can add a splash of colour by adding a fruit bowl, colourful appliances, splashbacks or trims.

Deep Drawers

Deep drawers make for more storage space, are more accessible than shallow drawers and are easy to integrate into beautiful cabinetry design. Add-ons like drawer organisers and liners keep the drawers tidy.

Stone benchtops

The unique qualities of natural stone means stone benchtops are still the most popular choice. At Masterton we’ve got you covered with stone benchtops inclusions incorporated into our packages.

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