Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild

Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast & South Coast



You love everything about where you live—the outlook, the land, the location, and the neighbours. Your whole life is there, and you don’t want to move.

A knockdown rebuild with Masterton is the perfect solution, whether it be in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle or even in the South Coast.

Our team of knock down rebuild specialists will work alongside you to create a brand new home that’s perfect for you.



While your current home may have charm and character, its serviceability to the needs of your family has long expired. With a knock down and rebuild, you ultimately have greater control over the build. You get to choose your preferred layout, and define the overall aesthetic with your personal style, finishes, and colour schemes.
In our experience (and from listening to many of our customers), here are a few pros to choosing to knock down rebuild:


You’re not restricted by working within an existing structure or floor plan


Rebuilding is usually faster than renovating an entire home


Enhances the value of your property, no stamp duty or real estate fees, that’s money left in your account!


Today’s homes are more energy efficient – save money on bills & time on maintenance


No mismatched areas with ‘renovated’ versus ‘non-renovated’ sections throughout your home


Relax knowing that Masterton complies with the various statutory warranties to ensure you’re covered


Renovating your home might seem like fun, but it can often cost you more per square metre than knocking down and building new!

The cost of a knockdown rebuild is dependent on your site conditions, council requirements, and the selections used for your home, including external materials, as well as internal fixtures and fittings.



All included with our Ultimate Inclusions


we’ve made it easy for you

We’ve made calculating the cost for knockdown rebuild as easy as possible. Use our handy knock down rebuild calculator to estimate the cost of your knock down rebuild project and helps you to identify some of the broader potential hidden cost involved in your knock down rebuild. We have listed down some of the requirements to knockdown and rebuild.

The best way to find out how much it will cost is to speak to a Masterton knock down rebuild specialist, and book in a free site inspection. They can provide you with a free tender (which some builders will charge for), along with details of our industry leading inclusions packages, like our Ultimate Inclusions or Evolve Inclusions.

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One of the big questions everyone wants to know is, how long does it take to do a knock down rebuild? This depends on whether it’s a single or double storey, or dual living or duplex. The build time for a single storey for example, usually takes between 10 to 12 months to complete, this excludes the planning approval period. It could take more or less time, but it’s dependent on many variables including:

  • The size of the build
  • Local planning approval
  • Council permits
  • Soil conditions & reflection to Site condition
  • Tree removal
  • Demolition & Site preparation including disconnection/removal of existing services (e.g. water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Weather and Supply Chain impacts during construction


Step One:
Site Inspection


Once you’ve met with our Knockdown Rebuild Specialist and decided on the right Masterton home design for you, we can arrange a free site inspection and free tender to be drawn up. This will include:

  • Visiting your land
  • Assessing the costs of building
  • Our inspector will look at the location of services, the slope of the land, location of trees, access for trades and deliveries
  • We will provide you with contact details to our preferred demolition company, however, you are welcome to source your own.
  • Your choice of favourite home design
  • Detailed documentation of your property or the property you’re thinking of buying. This includes the subdivision plan/site of your block, a sewer diagram and 10.7 certificate (zoning certificate from your council)

Step Two:
The New Home Proposal


After we’ve inspected your land our knockdown rebuild specialist will be in touch to organise a meeting where we can present your new home proposal. This will include:

  • Site costs (the cost to build on your specific block of land)
  • Council and statutory requirements
  • Any variations you may have requested to the standard home design
  • Any value packages you may have selected
  • Any final changes you may require need to be made at this point
  • We advise you speak to your finance manager to make sure you’re comfortable with your loan approval

Payments required: Once you accept your new home proposal all you need to get going is to pay your plan preparation fee.

Step Three:
The Contract


We’ll meet with you to present your plans and your building agreement for you to sign.

  • Prepare a full set of architectural drawings suitable for council
  • Sign your building agreement and provide you with a copy
  • Your external colour choices including bricks, roof material, gutters, fascias, garage doors and windows. These all need to be selected so we can gain BASIX and send your plans to council.
  • Provide confirmation of land ownership
  • Provide details of your financier and loan amount
  • Professional landscape plan (only if council requires)
  • Obtain the necessary approvals for the demolition works, ready for when the time comes to demolish.

Payments required: To begin the next step in the process all you’ll need to do is pay your 6% deposit.

Step Four:
Begin Colour Consultations


Your colour consultations are the fun part. It’s where you’ll be able to start making our house a home that’s unique to you. Our expert suppliers and in-house colour consultants will help in selecting select colours, fixtures, appliances and everything else needed to make your home a reality.


Stage one of the colour process

Appointments to be completed first with our external suppliers so you can choose the following:

  • Flooring
  • Kitchen design, layout and appliances
  • Optional choice of window furnishings

Stage two of the colour process

Your colour selection consultation will be held with one of Masterton’s expert colour consultants at our offices (Monday to Friday). At this meeting you will decide on:

  • Security Alarm
  • Stairs – both internal and external
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Both internal and external doors
  • Skirting boards, architraves and cornices
  • Internal paint colour

Stage three of the colour process

Your third and final meeting will be your electrical consultation where you will choose all electrical finishes including:

  • Power Outlets
  • Light fittings
  • Two way switches
  • Exhaust fans

Each stage of the colour process needs to be completed before the next can begin.

Step Five:


We do all the hard work for you:

We’ll obtain reports from relevant suppliers and deal with all the complex paperwork before lodging a building application to the relevant council/certifier on your behalf.

  • Obtain all required reports which may include; thermal report, BASIX report, hydraulic report, structural engineering report, water board approvals, landscape plan, bushfire reports, acoustic reports etc. Occasionally additional reports may be needed from you.
  • Seek the approval of your local authorities to commence
  • Organise for a pegout survey
  • Provide you with information on what you need to do to prepare for construction.
  • Your three completed stages of colour selections
  • Provide a letter from your lender saying building can commence
  • Sign and return our validation letter and construction plan

Step Six:


Now it’s time to watch your new home coming to life before your eyes.

Our site co-ordinator will assess your site.

  • We’ll send you a copy of the approved construction plan. We’ll also let you know who your construction supervisor and customer service co-ordinator
  • Now it gets really exciting as we begin site works including excavation, piering, pouring of the slab, frame delivery, brickwork and tiling.
  • We’ll organise all mandatory inspections by third parties including the final inspection by the certifier and organise for all relevant documentation the certifying authority requires from Masterton.
  • You can request a site visit through your supervisor at numerous stages.
  • A final walk through of the home where your supervisor will present you with the finished design
  • When you receive your occupation certificate all that’s left to do is move into your brand new home.

Step Seven:
Welcome to your new home


The moment has finally arrived! Upon settlement, we’ll meet and present you with the keys to your new home. As you walk through the door for the first time, your dream will become a reality.

But our relationship doesn’t stop there. As you’re settling in and enjoying your new home, our team is still here to help you.

As your new home ‘settles’, it is completely normal for some areas of your home to require additional attention. That is why our dedicated team will be available when you submit your 90 days warranty claim to conduct our new home service inspection. It’s just a little thing we do to make sure you have complete satisfaction with the final result of your home.

All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy your new piece of paradise, making new and treasured memories to last a lifetime.



Whether you have a question about the cost for knockdown rebuild or want to know about the process for knock down rebuild, our FAQ has all the answers you need. If you can't find what you are looking for, our knock down rebuild specialists are some of the most skilled in the industry and will be able to help.

The cost of building a new home can really vary depending on the size of the home, upgrades, and modifications you may choose to make. It is difficult to define the cost to build a new home as there are so many variables that come into place. Our specialist team can help put an estimate together, or try our knockdown rebuild calculator.
Ultimately, the cost of a knockdown rebuild is dependent on your needs, tastes and budget, so it’s difficult to accurately predict a cost. We have
Specific factors to be scoped are the demolition costs for the existing property (especially if there’s asbestos present), site costs, build costs, and which design features you’re planning to upgrade. There may also be additional soft and hard landscaping required to finish the project.
Our handy knock down rebuild calculator is a great way to start scoping the estimated costs of your knock down rebuild project and will help identify some of the broader hidden cost involved in your knock down rebuild.
The time it takes for knockdown rebuild varies from project to project, and each stage has unique variables that could affect the outcome. For example, during the design phase, the more changes made means it slows down the preparation for approvals prior to contracts. During the construction phase, inclement weather conditions may cause delays.
But while the timeline varies depending on the type of house, we work on 12-14 month build time for a double storey. This excludes the design and approval stages and as well as the demolition.
As each knockdown rebuild is unique with its requirements, whether current landscaping is able to be preserved depends on the location and amount of space that is available around the construction area. We need to keep in mind that space will be required for things like, bringing in machinery for the build and storage of materials and waste.
If you have an existing pool, our knock down rebuild specialist can help you with designs that may allow you to keep your current pool or if it will restrict your building options. Generally speaking, a clearance of 1.5m from the build area to the coping of the pool is required to allow room for construction. The pool will need to be fenced off and covered to avoid any risk of damage.
This also applies to any existing features, such as a significant trees or other landscape features you would like to retain. These factors may impact the final house plan and the construction.
Most likely – this is dependent on your local council and the requirements of your 10.7 certificate. We can identify these costs in the tender if you progress with a free site inspection.
Rebuilding a home can have a number of advantages over renovating ‒ it can give you a clean slate and the ability to design a new home how you want it, as well as potentially having a quicker turnaround time than a renovation. You will also be able to build a home with new materials, and take advantage of structural warranties. Of course, there are also some disadvantages ‒ you’ll need somewhere to live while the renovations are being carried out, and you’ll need to be careful you don’t contravene local zoning regulations or heritage listing requirements.
Site costs are the costs required to build your home on your specific block of land. These costs can be significant and beware, as not all builder’s estimates and tenders include your site costs.
Site costs include, but is not limited to levelling out your land, and preparing services and connections for gas, water, sewer, stormwater, power, NBN, traffic management, BASIX and payment of fees to name a few.

Our base price includes standard site costs (excludes Duplex). Refer to our Inclusions brochures for more details
Yes, demolition is the responsibility of the owner, however, to simplify things, we can refer you to a respected and trusted demolition company who can take care of this stage for you.
The cost of demolition can vary depending on the size of your home, the materials used in the build, and whether your home has Asbestos. You are best to contact the demolition company you choose to use for a clear indication of the cost involved.
No, if you wish to remove established trees, you need to apply for a permit through your local council and arrange for an arborist to remove them. Removal must be arranged before we can commence any site works.
This will be dependent on your payment method and the bank of your choosing. On average there are 6-7 progressive payment. Payment is only required after each construction stage is complete.
No, we don’t, but we can refer you to someone in your local area.
No, we don’t, but we can refer you to someone in your local area.
Yes! Generally speaking we are flexible in customising our floor plans to suit your land, your family, your lifestyle, and your budget.
Usually, people finance a knock down rebuild with a construction loan. They’re specifically designed to deliver finance to match the milestone payments required during the construction process.
Alternatively, you could use the equity in your existing home (i.e. the value of your home, less how much you owe on your mortgage), or a line of credit. If you need to chat to someone about financing your home, you can speak to our partners at St.George Bank. Just ask your New Home Consultant for more information, or submit your inquiry.
Our custom designs allow you to tailor your knockdown rebuild to build a home that’s truly one-of-a-kind, designed for your lifestyle, neighbourhood, and land.

We all know a beautiful home when we see one, but designing one from scratch can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to guide you, making sure your new home is crafted to perfection. We listen closely to what you want, designing a home to suit you while taking advantage of your land and orientation as well as meeting council regulations.
We integrate innovative, superior quality design with affordable construction services, allowing you to build a home with unique features.

Custom designs are perfect if you have a difficult block, want to take full advantage of your site’s outlook or simply want a bespoke designer home.
Generally speaking, yes, it is possible to do a knockdown rebuild if you still have a mortgage owing on your home. You will need to contact your bank provider to request finance approval.
That’s where we can help. Masterton Home Direct offers a personalised building service where we visit you at home, at work or on site – where and when it’s convenient for you.
Once we’ve heard your Knock down rebuild vision, we guide you through our range of architecturally designed homes, and custom builds.

Our team of knock down rebuild experts will explain the features of each and adapt the designs to suit your lifestyle and block of land. And our understanding of difficult council requirements for Sydney metro areas are second-to-none, so you’re in good hands.
Our Home Direct Knockdown Rebuild Specialist services all council areas across Sydney, now also including:
• Knockdown rebuild in the Ashfield area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Auburn area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Burwood area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Canada Bay area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Canterbury area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Hunters Hill area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Ku-ring-gai area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Lane Cove area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Leichhardt area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Manly area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Marrickville area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Pittwater area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Randwick area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Ryde area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Strathfield area
• Knockdown rebuild in the Warringah area
*Available in Sydney metro areas only
Base price (includes standards site costs excluding Duplex)
Façade price
Additional site costs required for your land to meet council and statuary requirements
Design variations
Any optional upgrades your choose


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