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"5 incredible tips to help you decorate your open plan living area"

Open plan living areas are always at the heart of our amazingly designed floor plans. These spaces are the perfect place to gather with family and friends with their liveable homely feel. However, they can present their own kinds of decorating challenges. That’s why the interiors team at Masterton decided to share these five tips on how to harmonise your open plan living areas and make them read as one whole.

#1 Take your cues from the kitchen

When you begin your colours process, make sure you really consider which fittings you’re going to decide on for the kitchen. The kitchen of course will be at the centre of your open plan living area and will have the most expensive finishes, so it’s the best starting point for inspiration. Duplicate colours and textures from the kitchen in the living and dining spaces so as not to disrupt visual flow.

#2 Lounging around

A properly placed lounge will mark the transition from one space to the next. You can make a statement by extending your lounge’s presence, while at the same time hiding its not so-attractive back with a console table. Pull the whole look together with an attractive floor rug.

#3 Light it up

Eye-catching designer light fixtures can distinguish different areas in an open floor plan. To keep the look cohesive, choose fixtures that are the made from the same material or in the same colour. You can make fittings in each of the areas have a point of difference by choosing fixtures with dissimilar silhouettes. Make sure you take into account where the lights will fall, especially when choosing pendants as you want to keep sightlines and walkways unblocked to keep the flow through feeling of the space.

#4 Focal points

To distinguish spaces, give each of them a focal point. These should capture the eye while also improving the functionality of the area. For example, a fireplace may be at the centre of the living space, while an artwork could draw the eye in the dining area and a carefully selected splash back could take centre stage in the kitchen.

#5 Make it cozy

Just because your open plan living area is light and airy doesn’t mean it can’t feel homey. You can increase this feeling by arranging furniture in a way that encourages face to face conversation. By having a shared coffee table at the centre of the furniture you’ll increase the feeling of togetherness. Plush cushions, artworks, photos and throws will also give the home a more real and lived in feel. This will help you, your family and friends relax so you can enjoy your well-designed Masterton home.

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