The Prelude is more than just an introduction to beautiful home design

As soon as you enter the Prelude, you’ll see it’s the kind of home anyone can fall in love with. At its heart, the Prelude has a spacious kitchen and living area—the perfect place to gather with family and friends. Grouped apart from this community focused area are the personalised private spaces including three bedrooms... View the full details

5 reasons why it’s important to have a great home facade

Well-designed home facades blend seamlessly with the streetscape while also allowing for architectural innovation. At Masterton we understand this and that’s why we spend a lot of time designing our home facades so you can choose the perfect one for you. Here’s 5 reasons why it’s important to have a great home facade: #1 Increases... View the full details

5 tips on decorating your dining area

Regular meals at the dining table with your family and friends allow you to catch up with your favourite people and enjoy each other’s company. With these top 5 tips you can create the ultimate dining space.

View the full details

Masterton is celebrating 55 years as leaders in the home building industry

It’s been 55 years since Masterton began revolutionising project home building and after all this time we’re still recognised as industry leaders.

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5 incredible tips to help you decorate your open plan living area

Open plan living areas are always at the heart of our amazingly designed floor plans. These spaces are the perfect place to gather with family and friends with their liveable homely feel. However, they can present their own kinds of decorating challenges. That’s why the interiors team at Masterton decided to share these five tips on how to harmonise your open plan living areas and make them read as one whole.

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5 tips to keep your shower screen looking brand new

You shower to get clean but the irony is the more you shower the dirtier your shower screen will get! It’s such a shame because sparkly shower doors make the rest of your bathroom glow too. However, you can keep your glass shower screen looking brand new with these 5 easy tips.

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Base price includes traditional facade. Alternative facade upgrades available. No applied finishes are included such as render, moroka, bag and paint, stack stone or tiles. These are optional upgrades. Images in this brochure may depict items not supplied by Masterton which include, but are not limited to, landscaping, pathways, driveways, decks, pergolas, fencing, letter boxes, pool, water features and BBQ. Images may depict upgraded items which include, but are not limited to, fireplaces, window furnishings, light fittings, floor coverings, alarm systems, air conditioning, doors and feature tiling. Masterton reserves the right to revise plans, specifications and pricing without notice. All plans and images are subject to copyright protection. Please contact a sales consultant for more information.

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