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10 killer ways to keep your home warm this winter

Winter is coming and it makes sense that you’ll soon be retreating inside your home more and more often to keep cosy. But how can you keep the chill from following you inside? Masterton has come up with ten killer tips to keep your house warm and toasty this winter.

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10 rules to make planning a party easy

After moving into your new home one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is host a party so all your family and friends can celebrate with you. And the entertaining doesn’t end there. Throughout the year there will be many celebrations so our marketing team brainstormed these simple rules to make organising events easy. That way you can have as much fun at them as your guests.

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How to use pinterest to inspire home design

When you walk into our interior design department the team is constantly organising their inspirations—from images to fabrics, patterns to tiles—ensuring each home they decorate retains the fresh, comfortable feel we’re famous for. With pinterest you can do the same, easily streamlining digital versions of your inspirations—here’s how.

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